Your 20 Second Sales Pitch To Attract Economic Development Investors

March 06, 2017 |   3 minute read

Your 20 Second Sales Pitch To Attract Economic Development Investors

You’ve got 20 seconds to attract economic development investors to your region. That’s not a lot of time to make an impression, even for a seasoned economic development professional.
You’re already good at your economic development role. You know your message. You’ve got experience talking to business and industry leaders. Site selectors love your economic development website (if they don’t you can make investors love your website).
But, when you’re delivering your economic development sales pitch, does your audience retain what you’ve said? Do they even remember where you’re from and what you can do for them?

An effective 20 second sales pitch can make your economic development organization memorable and prompt your audience to make a connection. 

A persuasive speaker is simply not enough to attract economic development investors. Which you probably are already if you’ve made a career out of attracting investors to your economic development region. There’s a few rules to follow if you want to consistently be more persuasive than your competitors. A few minutes of preparation can mean you’ll always be ready to sell your benefits on the fly. Start here to understand how you can attract investors well, in 20 seconds.

Master These Three Sales Skills To Attract Economic Development Investors in 20 Seconds

As I suggested, there’s a few steps involved in 20 second sales pitch success. I’ve split them into three areas you can hone so your 20 second economic sales pitch. Here’s how you can make an impression and your audience remembers you amidst the crowd of competitors:

  1. Use your words wisely. Your limited time is a good thing. You have to focus. No fluffy words, no over the top claims,  just the facts. Plan the best words to use for each of your 20 seconds.
  2. Show you’re confident. Speaking in public may be your strength. But everybody stumbles. Twenty seconds doesn’t offer you time for a do-over. Plan to keep positive and exude your worthiness through your entire pitch. 
  3. Pitch the honest truth. Genuinely helpful businesses will attract genuinely interested clients. Strike a chord with potential clients by choosing one product or service that is solves a problem for your audience. Then pitch the heck out of it for 20 seconds.

Having your time in the spotlight to make your sales pitch is essential to help you attract economic development investors. There’s tricks within these three areas that’ll help you master each.

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PS You can also make an impact online by using social media as a networking tool to connect with your economic development investors. Twitter can be your go to medium to reach investors when you’re unable to make your pitch in person.