Sales Techniques to Learn from Chatbots: What Can the Robots Teach Us?

March 14, 2024 |   4 minute read

Sales Techniques to Learn from Chatbots: What Can the Robots Teach Us?

Chuck Elias of 42Chat has found that customers of his company love interacting with chatbots. We wanted to know exactly why that was. In an age of uncertainty about A.I. and the risks it poses, what are the benefits? What are some sales techniques we can use to up our game that we can learn from Chuck’s successful sales techniques using chatbots? Here are the top lessons we learned. 


The Modern Buyer Wants a Personalized Experience

Everywhere we go online, algorithms are working overtime to provide us with more content to consume, to hold our attention, to entertain us, to advertise to us. These algorithms are getting increasingly sophisticated, so much so that anything that speaks to a more general audience starts to feel old-fashioned and, particularly in sales, can make the buyer feel that you are out of touch with what they want and are not speaking to them directly. Which is certainly not ideal. Chatbots fulfill the need for personalization, and can do so relatively inexpensively. When combined with the data from a CRM and marketing strategies for small business, chatbots are an inbound marketing powerhouse. 

At impressively fast speeds, a chatbot can adjust their language to match the client’s position in their buyer’s journey, recommend related products, and give updates on the status of an order. Helping a buyer feel like they are being looked after in a personalized way helps guide them along their buyer’s journey


Everyone Loves a Quick Answer: Convenience Is Key

One of the greatest strengths of chatbots is their ability to work 24/7. With 42Chat’s chatbots, you don’t need to download an app to talk to them. All you need is a smartphone. Messaging the bots is easy and can be done any time. For example, right before you go to bed, you think of a question you’d like answered about an event you’re attending the next day. Just text the chatbot, ask a question and the chatbot will be available to answer anytime and anywhere.

Unleash the Chatbot Sales Techniques from This Business Podcast


The Company Growth Podcast is a business podcast that features brilliant CEOs, impressive thought leaders, and exciting business thinkers. We talk about how to grow your organic traffic, build up your client base, and get better quality traffic to your site, among many other topics. In the episode “Gaining Client Trust in A Competitive Market: Customer Engagement Strategies” you’ll get a chance to hear from a chatbot expert. There’s no better way of deciding if chatbots are right for your company than hearing someone who works with chatbots every day explain all the advantages.


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