SEO Copywriting Immediately Increased Online Store Sales By 340%

March 30, 2016 |   1 minute read

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Topsy Farms had a website, an online store, a hearty blog, and an engaged audience; but online store sales were lower than they wanted.

The SEO Copywriting Process:

Tangible Words conceptualized their messaging and then used SEO Copywriting on their homepage copy using a Quality Assured Process.

The Online Store Sales Results:

Online store sales increased by 340% immediately, and the Topsy Farms website started ranking first organically on major search engines for a key competitive term.
Topsy Farms Case Story

Next, Tangible Words Helped Double Topsy Farm’s Revenue:

Topsy Farms engaged Tangible Words for a content partnership: the subsequent sales and promotional strategy, and training work, doubled Topsy Farms’ revenue for the year.

Topsy Farms’ owners have consistently named Tangible Words—including in this CBC interview—as the reason for their sudden and consistent increase in success.

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