Tangible Words an Award Winning Agency with IABC Gold Quill Award

April 25, 2019 |   3 minute read

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Tangible Words an Award Winning Agency with IABC Gold Quill Award

We are ecstatic to be named a winner of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Gold Quill Merit Award in the category of Marketing Advertising and Brand Communication. 

The IABC Gold Quill awards have recognized commendable communication work nullaround the world for over 40 years. The IABC is a gold standard for work that proves to be innovative and strategic, and deliver results, which is just what we did for our client, Haliburton Forest.

Selected from 638 entries, the Gold Quill Merit Award recognizes Tangible Words’ work in making a tourist product more visible to its target audiences. We put our strong team of copywriters to work to create a new growth-driven design website for Haliburton Forest and put a robust inbound marketing strategy in place.

The results exceeded expectations. For Haliburton Forest we:

  • Built the website: installing Checkfront, the tourism industry’s best e-commerce booking and online reservation system, resulted in a dramatic increase in online bookings. The e-commerce tool saved Haliburton staff one hour per booking and hundreds of hours per week. Staff can use the extra time to focus on sales follow up, resulting in a better client experience with Haliburton Forest. The new website and Checkfront ensure that Haliburton Forest staff no longer have to worry about losing track of reservations, or potential sales getting lost in an unorganized system.

  • Created professionally copywritten website content and organized the website in an easy-to-navigate way: Site visitors can now easily see that the Forest is a year-round experience; previously this information was buried. Now with professional copywritten and easily navigable content, client engagement on the website has increased by 52%.

  • Created content offers, emails and automated workflows: In the first month of inbound marketing services from Tangible Words, 3.5% more new contacts were better engaged through calls to action, premium content offers and workflows. Tangible Words helped Haliburton Forest nurture their customers better, and 50% of new and old contacts were better engaged and guided further along the buyer’s journey because of the new website content.

  • Created a Trip Planner page, and raised awareness about the new tool through inbound marketing: In the second month of the Trip Planner Page going live, it received hundreds of views and attracted 51 brand-new contacts. The page’s packages were downloaded by over a hundred people. Two of the packages sold within two months. Customers Shelley and Terence, who purchased the Couples Package, said: "Thank you so much for an amazing weekend. We will definitely be making this a yearly tradition."

  • Leveraged HubSpot CRM software for better lead engagement and sales results: Lead Scoring in 8.5 months live resulted in:
    • 110 Quality Leads (Quality Leads are defined as scoring over 50 on Lead Scoring)
    • 5.42% of new contacts were converted to customers
    • 20% average submission rate on six active forms

  • Used blog posts and a social media strategy to send readers to the website: In the first month of inbound marketing services from Tangible Words there was a 52% increase in website traffic that came from social media traffic. In 8.5 months live, thousands of contacts were nurtured and hundreds of new customers gained. Contacts were identified by persona, showing that the marketing was succeeding in attracting the right type of customer. As well, landing page traffic increased, and hundreds of brand-new contacts were made through content downloads, blog subscriptions, and social media. 5% of these contacts became customers. 

About the IABC and the Gold Quill Awards

The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) is an international community of communication professionals that represents an assortment of industries. The IABC is passionate about using communication to connect like-minded companies, thus providing a network for career opportunities, resources, and knowledge. Since 2008, more than 5,000 projects have been entered in the Gold Quill Awards.

About Tangible Words

Launched in 2009, Tangible Words maintains expertise in sales, inbound marketing and growth-driven website design. Our award winning expertise includes HubSpot integration, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, sales, and content marketing. We thrive as a company that facilitates a healthy work-life balance for its team of professional copywriters. Co-founders Vicky and Alysha run Tangible Words using a distributed office model that promotes flexibility without sacrificing productivity. We excel on the foundations of clear communication, understanding and constant support.

“At each stage there are multiple checks and balances so that our industry experience and expertise helps you avoid hidden costs and risks of outsourcing.”
– Alysha Dominico, Co-Founder, Tangible Words.


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