The Best Ways to Utilize Sales Enablement Training

August 07, 2018 |   3 minute read

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Can your processes involve fewer distractions and generate more results? Sales enablement streamlines your sales staffs’ work into one well-oiled machine (and you can get sales enablement training from an inbound marketing agency). It allows for increased focus, smooth resource mining and ultimately it has your sales staffs’ whole experience in mind. Consider systems in place that are not only effective but repeatable and how that efficiency will ultimately add to your bottom line.

What is Sales Enablement and Why You Need this Training?

If it’s a new term for you, the root components behind sales enablement are familiar. It involves the integration of processes, content, and technology that qualify your sales team to efficiently convert more leads to sales. It is one of many Hubspot benefits composed of the buyer and the seller’s experience in mind. It is also part of the sales training your inbound marketing agency can provide.

Components of Sales Enablement Include:

    • Standardized Reporting  - comprehensive tracking of sales team sales enablement training from an inbound marketing agencyactivity, the status of deals, full details of lead through the sales funnel.
    • Review Sales Process - auditing and benchmarking what converts a lead to a sale and what doesn’t.
    • Qualify Leads - accurately classifying and assign weights to leads based on the data about them. Ie. assigning a positive weight to a company already uses a similar product or service.
    • Sales Content Optimization - effective series created by an inbound marketing agency allow your sales reps to focus on making content personal, not creating them from scratch for each customer. Your sales staff only spends time making the series specific to the prospect with value and WIIFM in mind.
    • Organized Sales Content - everything available on one dashboard.

Where to Get Sales Enablement Training

These components all translate to reducing noise and increasing focus for your sales team and cutting out the noise for buyers. An inbound marketing agency like Tangible Words understands that while a sale is being closed, focus can be lost on warming incoming prospects at the top of the sales funnel. With the right systems in place, full funnel sales support from your agency targets the right leads with the seller’s experience in mind too.

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