Why Your Sales Team Needs Inbound Marketing

August 14, 2018 |   5 minute read


Why Your Sales Team Needs Inbound Marketing

We have all heard the saying that “time is money”. Being a salesperson means being pulled in a hundred different directions all at once: meetings, phone calls, research and closing deals. Inbound marketing cuts back on the amount of time you reach out to strangers. This brings you positive relationships with potential clients, answering the eternal question of how to increase sales. Partnering with an inbound marketing agency brings on board trained professionals who will help you to create content, coordinate your marketing campaigns using SMART goals with your in-house marketing department, create a business strategy to increase sales, and drive more traffic to your website.

5 Ways an Inbound Marketing Agency Will Help Your Sales Team

  1. Content creation.

    You likely spend time in your day focused on writing content in house. That inbound marketing agency help for your businessdoesn’t leave you much time for actually selling. Outsourcing content that is professionally written that targets your ideal audience will increase the number of people who will take action and improve sales team performance. Potential customers will already be aware of your product or service and show you their interest before you even pick up the phone. With content creation, also comes content clean-up. A smart strategy to increase sales includes website content auditing and clean-up, another task you can outsource. 

  2. No more cold calling.

    We’ve all been there – pursuing people who don’t know you exist or may not be interested in your product or service is exhausting. Inbound marketing connects you with those that are already interested by creating blogs, email series, content offers, social media messages directed to your target audience. This means you can spend your time on warm phone calls instead of dreaded cold calls.

  3. Social media: this sales tool is here to stay.

    Hashtags, stories, reviews – it is easy to get lost in the wave of social media. But an outdated or nonexistent social media campaign will do more harm than good. Working with an agency gives you a strategy and guidance on what you need to know and what to do on social media so that you are not missing a whole generation of customers. According to stats about sales in 2019, it was reported that 4 in 10 sales reps closed two five deals thanks to social media. You can't afford to not use social media or to use social media improperly.

  4. Hubspot CRM expertise.

    In the past, any information about your clients would be held on paper, or more recently, even in one of your computer files.  While this may be efficient for you, it doesn’t allow for continuity between your marketing and sales departments or team members.  Using an inbound marketing software, such as HubSpot, gives you the opportunity to set up a purposeful and useful CRM (customer-relationship management). CRM is an approach that helps you to manage your interactions with current and potential customers. It allows all team members within your department access to the same information so that everyone is on the same page. Ultimately, this data will drive sales growth.

    Now everything is tracked and supported, where we used to have to chase leads, now they come to us through a comprehensive system that never lets an opportunity be forgotten.Jordan Tidey, Senior Consultant, MDB Insight.
  5. Sales enablement training

    Sales enablement is the act of applying tools, processes and strategies that will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your sales team. Partnering with an inbound marketing agency for sales rep training helps your staff quickly add effective and repeatable series and systems to your sales operations. Sometimes a sales process overhaul is exactly what is needed in your organization to learn how to improve your sales team's closing rate and increase the bottom line.  

Inbound Success is in the Numbers

  • Topsy Farms’ revenue doubled after only one year of partnership with Tangible Words.

Learning how to improve sales team performance is not only essential to your bottom line. It will result in a happier and more productive sales team. 


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