Why A Sales Funnel Is The Best Way to Boost Your Marketing

February 06, 2020 |   2 minute read

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Fact: 90 days after you stop marketing, your sales pipeline dries up. We all know that in a business, time is precious. For most companies, capacity limits usually mean that a day without a sale is a day lost. A fully functioning sales funnel is the best way to ensure that no area of your sales process dries up. 

How Can a Sales Funnel Lead to Increased Success?

A sales funnel shows where buyers are on the sales journey. These are the 4 steps in the funnel:

  • Get Traffic: By creating blog content that is search engine optimized and promoted in social media channels, you will begin to catch the attention of potential customers. 
  • Get Leads: Visitors will be driven to your landing pages through strategically placed calls to action. After visitors fill out the forms on one of the various landing pages, they will become leads.
  • Get Customers: Once your visitors become leads, you will send them automated emails to further drive them along the buying cycle. Ensuring that your team has lead intelligence will allow them to make more effective sales calls
  • Analyze: Determine which areas of the sales process need further support, so that the sales process works at maximum efficiency. 

How Can HubSpot Boost Your Sales Funnel?

You may already be doing all of these things, but HubSpot can improve your efficiency and your purpose while providing measurable data. 

  • pasted image 0 (1)-5Website: The first 90 days of a new website launch you will see increased traffic, but after that, traffic drops down if you don’t have a strategy. This lands you with a dry funnel - exactly when you need to already be selling the next day’s capacity. Your website is an asset but it won’t, by itself, increase traffic or attract best-fit customers that you can nurture, nor give you information about how people behave on your website. With HubSpot, Tangible Words can help transform your website into a powerful sales tool. 
  • Content: Content marketing is a long-term, minimum 12 month commitment. Quality content increases traffic, encourages engagement, and generates new prospects and potential customers. With HubSpot, Tangible Words can help you be more efficient so that you are spending your time on the right leads.
  • Emails: Tangible Words can help you create email templates, personalized subject lines and content for each recipient. And the bonus with using HubSpot is that you can track your open rates and clickthroughs. 
  • Analytics: HubSpot can help you view your entire sales funnel; you can see which assets are working and how your marketing impacts the bottom line. HubSpot-generated data can show you the direction you should be moving in and which campaigns can be left behind. 

How to Improve Your Sales Funnel to Increase Website Traffic

Making a partnership with inbound marketing specialists who use HubSpot is the best way to beef up your sales funnel. Ultimately this will increase website traffic resulting in high quality sales and customers. 

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