Three Great Ways To Show Your Knowledge Online (Fast!)

May 16, 2011 |   2 minute read

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Three Great Ways To Show Your Knowledge Online (Fast!)

In the business world, we need to know information quickly.
Often when we are learning in the workplace, we are learning as we need to know, not leisurely.
So if you're using online website  content to prove how good your company is (such as in the form of a business blog) you have to let consumers quickly discover your knowledge so you don't lose them.


Here are three great ways to let customers find your knowledge online fast:

  1. Really great headlines tell customers exactly what is in each of your articles. Don't be cryptic, be specific.This will also help with your SEO.
  2. Make sure you use the same words in your article as you do in your title. Make these words "tags" on your blog. That way, you enforce the legitimacy of your article for search engines and for the reader.
  3. A "Search" function on your website will let customers move quickly around your website so they find what they need. When they find what they need quickly on your site, they will come to trust you more as you demonstrate your values are in line with theirs. (P.s. It also helps you, I use my blog search function to find articles I've written for hyperlinking back to previous posts.)