Tri-Association Manufacturing Conference: Use Social Media To Grow

September 29, 2017 |   1 minute read


Tri-Association Manufacturing Conference: Use Social Media To Grow

On October 24th at the Tri-Association Manufacturing Conference in Peterborough, Alysha along with Paul from The Machining Center will be presenting, “Want More Customers & To Attract Quality Talent? How We Used Social Media To Grow Our Companies".  If you want to learn how social media can help grow your manufacturing business, please attend.

Details On "How to Use Social Media To Grow Your Manufacturing Company" Presentation:

Whether you make products that can be easily photographed or not, social media can be used to grow your organization. But, even your marketing team might not yet know how to demonstrate ROI tiebacks on your social media efforts. We will take you through case stories where social media brought in new quality customers - and staff - into their companies.

The sales world has changed over the last 20 years - and it's changing again. Expect Social media to be part of the future of your company in some capacity -  if only to reassure your local audience of your presence, in the same way websites once did. Don't get left behind.

We look forward to seeing the Quinte Manufacturing Association, Northumberland  Manufacturing Association, and the Kawartha Manufacturing Association at the Tri-Association Manufacturing Conference.