Use and Re-Use Pillar Content To Become a Sales Machine

August 05, 2015 |   5 minute read


Use and Re-Use Pillar Content To Become a Sales Machine

Pillars are used as building foundations. In communications, especially online, Pillar Content is the foundation for all your online sales tools. It’s fundamental information that speaks to the core aspects of your product or service.
These pieces are so full of helpful and engaging information that you can refer to them over and over again. This type of content doesn’t get old and you can use it to continually build your audience. The great thing being, you don’t have to spend a lot of time rewriting the same information.
Once created, you can look toward your pillar content to meet any needs that your target audience may have.
To effectively use your pillar content to promote sale, keep a list of the content topics and how it’s relevant to your target audience needs and interests. Then, it’s ready for quick release so you always have something to grab a new contact’s attention and that is compelling enough to help them make a decision about you, like to buy.

Five Ways To Create Pillar Content To Help Your Sales

  1. Know your target audience is an often repeated rule because it is fundamental to your sales. All of your content should be created with your target audience in mind (whether it’s pillar content or a Facebook post). You have to know who your target audience is and what they want so you can give it to them.
  2. Answer questions or solve a problem because you’ll get the same questiIncrease Your Online Sales and Grow Your Business in 2017ons from your audience time and again. Create helpful pillar content pieces that answer these questions so the information is ready in a professional form when needed.
  3. Make It Readable because pillar content should not read like an instructional manual (even if it contains instructions). Make the text engaging so you offer up your solution or instructions in a way users want to read—and share—it. You see where this is going; more sharing means bigger audience which means more sales.
  4. Share It EverywherePromote pillar content links with new information on your social posts, e-newsletters and latest news on your website. This is part of the content planning process.
  5. Keep It Current because even though the fundamental information may stay the same, updating the language and incorporating new ideas into the content keeps it fresh. This shows you’re on the ball too. And, once you’ve established the base information you can pass it on for others to freshen it up with their style.

What Style Of Pillar Content Should You Publish?

Pillar content is informative and interlinked to other relevant material you have. It lets you answer specific target audience questions and helpfully link back to more information they need (without having to rewrite it every time). Pillar content can be in the form of a blog or an article or Yaro Starak of Entrepreneur’s Journey recommends these types of Pillar Content:
Show Them “How To”—this type of content can do two things: lets you inform your audience about how to get something they need and show them how knowledgeable you are about your business. The title alone can get you ranked higher in searches for specific how to’s.
Define a term or phrase—Again, pillar content is all about showing your expertise in the marketplace with timeless information pieces. When potential customers are searching for more information about your particular service a definition is a good way to help them find you and start a new customer relationship.
Share a Theory or Opinion—You probably have an opinion about your service, and it probably won’t change over time (if it does you can write new pillar content about how your opinion changed). Plus, it’s entertaining and informative for your readers to know what you think based on your experience.
Offer Valuable InformationFreebies, like E-courses provide a way to keep your audience engaged over a longer period of time immersed in your information. Not only do they get to improve their knowledge, you’re creating some loyalty because you’ve shared your expertise and given them tools they need, for free.
Make A List—Sharing information using lists is quick and easy pillar content. It’s useful to your audience and because it answers questions you deal with regularly it’s easy for you to compile. At Tangible Words one of our most popular pillar content lists is the new website design checklist
You can get help writing your pillar content or train your staff to do it too with our Content Marketing Training. So not only do you have it at the ready, you know it’s written for your audience in the best way possible for timeless use.

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