Use Google Tools to Increase Your Marketing and Grow Your Business

June 11, 2018 |   4 minute read

Use Google Tools to Increase Your Marketing and Grow Your Business

No question, Google has released some of the best tools for business marketing. At times it can feel a bit overwhelming trying to sort out which Google for business tool is best and for what purpose. Understanding what each tool does, and how to use Google tools, will help you decide how and when it is best to make use of these powerful tools created by Google.

4 Powerhouse’s Tools from Google Suite

  1. Google Data Studio is an informative dashboard for website analytics. A life saver for anyone spending anytime creating and designing reports for online analytics. With an incredible user friendly dashboard your reports will be finished in record time. Data Studio actually has the ability to pull analytics from a variety of sources, including Google Analytics, Social Media, HubSpot and many other options. Because it operates in real time you are able to update your parameters including dates, locations, segments and immediately create a new report.
  2. Optimize is a google for business tool that allows you to test your website in a variety of ways. The goal is to ensure that your website (design/flow) and content are reaching your target audience. Optimize is definitely a powerhouse addition with the ability to test your website three different ways. The first test is what is referred to as A/B testing, it is comparing one thing against another. The change could be something small like text or even a different colour. The second form of testing is called multivariate, with this form you can test more than one item, in other words you have multiple variable options. The finally option of testing is called redirect, with redirect you have two entirely different page URLs. With the use of Google tools, you will be able to experiment and see results immediately as to what is working and what would work better.
  3. My Business is probably what you can consider to be the new version of the telephone book. More than a business card online, My Business allows you to not just add contact information, but hours of operations, services, photos, videos, reviews and any new updates or offers. My Business listings can be found in Google Search and Maps.
  4. SEO’s Guide is the place to begin the journey of learning how to have better search ranking. Topics include how to be found easier by Google, website navigation, URLs, content suggestions and how keywords and links should be used carefully and a few other simple things that every business should consider implementing.

Use google tools for your business

Use Google Tools to Give Your Audience a Better Experience Online With Your Brand

We have given a simple overview on how each of these tools can help you grow your online audience. Spend some time getting to know each of these tools and learn how your online audience experience can improve. Use google tools to get to know where best to make adjustments or improvements.

As an inbound marketing agency, Tangible Words has an honest appreciation for marketing tools. Very often understanding and bringing all of the pieces together to work in harmony can be extremely frustrating for any business owner. Many times grasping all of the marketing do’s and don’t, tips and tricks, and learning how to master the tools is a lot for any business. Tangible Words aims at giving you the knowledge, like how to use Google tools, to help in this process. It is easy to understand that hiring professionals makes sure your marketing gets done right and done right the first time.

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