What Happens Now That The Project Is Complete? Client Aftercare

March 09, 2018 |   2 minute read

What Happens Now That The Project Is Complete? Client Aftercare

Q: What if I don’t like what you’ve come up with?

A: Our process is set up so that you can identify anything you don’t like before we get to the final product. If you know what you want, and you follow our process of giving edits and working collaboratively, this really doesn’t happen. Every single step we take is designed to take your feedback so there are no surprises, for you, or for us.
We have a very high customer satisfaction rate. We expect that in choosing to work with us you are comfortable working with us in a collaborative manner to get what you want. If there are human to human bumps along the way, we are 100% committed to improving ourselves to make change that resolves the issue for you.

Q: How do we ensure once our work together is over that we will be able to recreate or continue the success we’ve had with you? Is your service sustainable?

A: A key part of our website development process and inbound marketing plans include training to make sure your staff feel supported and equipped at all times. We create strategic priorities, content plans and calendars that you can work with. Continuously, we create free content offers to keep your website, social media, and inbounding marketing ever better.  
Our clients are offered training to continue the work in-house, but usually our support and ability to handle the sales and marketing workload means they retain our services on yearly contracts.

Now, we invite you to please check out our testimonials - we are really proud of the feedback and lovely compliments our clients have consistently articulated over the years.


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