What You Don’t Know About Rebuilding A Website

March 02, 2018 |   4 minute read


What You Don’t Know About Rebuilding A Website

It’s free. Okay, rebuilding a website isn’t free but the process of learning more about it before you hire someone is free. When you’re looking for the right content creation agency for your business, the decision can be overwhelming. That’s why Tangible Words wanted to make the process of finding the right fit for your company an easy one. In this article we tell you about the 4 free steps we go through to find out if your company and our company should work together.

By the way, one of the great things about working in website redevelopment and content creation services is that we get to become experts about our client’s content - that’s how we were introduced to the concept of unconscious incompetence, or not knowing what you don’t know.  We quickly realized that some of our potential clients might not know that you don’t know how easy it is to work with us. We decided to shed a little light on how to go from “I need to rebuild my website” to “Tangible Words is going to rebuild my website for me!”

Get ready to be consciously competent from now on.

Step 1: Connect with us about rebuilding a website 

So you’ve done some online research and maybe you’ve found a few options to outsource website content writing services and website development for your company. After you get in touch with us through our Contact Form, we set up a Connect Call and this is where we want to know one thing:

Is Tangible Words the right fit for your business?

We aren’t a good fit for every kind of company. So it’s important for us to understand your needs and for you to feel comfortable with us before we can start exploring making beautiful content and rebuilding a website together.

Step 2: Explore Your Goals

In the Explore Call we do exactly that:

  • Do you want to increase revenue?
  • Double your leads?
  • Increase website traffic?
  • Implement an inbound marketing strategy?
  • All of the above or something we haven’t even thought of yet?

This is where you let us know what you want, so we can figure out how to help you get it.

Step 3: The Fun Part: Planning

content creation services for your businessMost people don’t think planning is fun but we love it and you can’t create awesome content without it. In the Activity Planning Call, we show you what’s possible and how you can reach your goals. We’ll identify what activities speak to your expectations.  


Step 4: We Say I Do...Do You?

Topsy Farms Case StorySo after four phone calls, we feel like we know you pretty well and this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. In the Proposal Call we want you to know that we’re the ones who can help you achieve your goals and give you some proof in the form of our past successes:

Did We Mention It’s Free?

Well, it is. Throughout the entire process you have access to co-founder and communications specialist, Alysha Dominico, and the opportunity to pick her brain for free. After the partnership is agreed on and you start paying for your website content and development, you’ll continue to get an expert perspective on your company goals.

Now that you’re officially consciously competent about how you can exploring hiring  Tangible Words for your next website overhaul, get something else for free:

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