What Is Smarketing And How To Make Your Team Stronger

September 22, 2017 |   5 minute read

What Is Smarketing And How To Make Your Team Stronger

If you’re trying to figure out ' what is smarketing? '  you’ve come to the right place. Smarketing is sales and marketing departments at their best. It’s the harmony achieved when sales and marketing converge smoothly in the service of clear business goals. Whether or not you have a marketing automation strategy, your marketing strategy must be in sync with your sales plan. This leads to a rewarding sales cycle for both you and your customers.

 “smarketing refers to alignment between your sales and marketing teams created through frequent and direct communication between the two,” (Hubspot Sam Kusinitz 2014).

What Is Smarketing? Discover How Strong Relations Between Departments Can Benefit Your Business

what is smarketingSmarketing is streamlining and optimizing the relationship between sales and marketing. You can achieve this by staying on top of business communications, which requires a plan.

Having your plan laid out in a document you can share helps to organize your goals and keep everyone on the same page. Because your sales and marketing departments receive differing customer feedback they need to pool this information with other data so you can best address customer concerns. This is also good practice for visualizing how each department can best help the other.

Smarketing requires its own plan within your inbound marketing strategy so you're always prepared to meet your customers' needs. Enter the Service Level Agreement. This document lays out terms of accountability for your sales and marketing teams and can adapt with your business (LeadFuze Josh Slone 2017). A service level agreement clarifies whose role is whose in the buyer’s journey. This way each party has clarity and can prioritize moving forward (#smarket strong).
For an example of smarketing done well, have a look at this Kissmetrics Blog article outlining how HubSpot makes smarketing work for them. Scroll down to “Aligning Sales and Marketing” for the smarketing goods.

Making sure your sales and marketing goals are in tune with one another is crucial to meeting objectives without wasting resources.

Why Add Smarketing To Your Inbound Marketing Checklist

  1. Smarketing keeps the sales cycle intact. Alignment between departments is crucial to keep marketers in the loop. Because marketers connect buyers and sellers, they are essential for turning prospective leads into actual leads.
  2. It keeps goals clear (internally and externally). Confusion between sales and marketing can hurt the bottom line, and internal (employee) and external (customer) relations. Marketers can only provide customers with an accurate picture of a product or service if they themselves have been provided with one.
  3. It keeps the path leading to those goals smooth. Sales teams can’t meet their objectives if marketing strategies don’t reflect those objectives.

How Content Creation Services Can Improve Your Smarketing Results

Once you’ve gained momentum by streamlining sales and marketing, you need to keep up that momentum by posting purposeful content consistently. That is where content creation services can help. Your sales and marketing teams represent the same brand. Consistent content strengthens your brand’s image - as does knowing your audience.

The goal of inbound marketing is to attract customers by knowing your buyer persona and offer content they need. Including smarketing in your inbound marketing checklist will streamline your response to those needs. Consider how content creation services can supplement your marketing strategy by optimizing content for specific consumer personas.

Smarketing with content creation services: a potent combo - like sales and marketing - to align goals efficiently.

Now you know the answer to ‘what is smarketing?’ And, you know how it can help you succeed, so...

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