The Company Growth Podcast: The Intense Power of “Smarketing”

December 15, 2020 |   6 minute read

The Company Growth Podcast: The Intense Power of “Smarketing”

In the old days of marketing, the department was less involved in sales, and marketing decisions were based a lot more in gut feeling. But, according to my guest in episode 11 of the Company Growth Podcast, marketing shouldn’t and doesn’t work that way anymore. 

In episode 11, my guest is Dan Tyre, a seasoned veteran of the marketing world and true inventor of the Lion Handshake - though it’s origin is somewhat disputed, politely - as you’ll hear in the podcast.  Dan’s a huge inspiration and a powerhouse of a marketing thinker, but he’s also a lot of fun to talk to!

Science-Based “Smarketing” and Why It’s Important

Definition: Smarketing (noun): The combination of sales and marketing. 

The internet and social media produce the most powerful data on possible leads that has ever existed. But you need to utilize that data in an impactful way, to use real data to get qualified leads. Don’t dream of the perfect lead for you, find them - they’re out there! Dan’s smarketing advice is to base your sales moves on data, not gut feeling, and lay the foundations for outreach success. 

Dan Tyre’s 3 Effective Foundations for Professional Outreach

1. Figure out your ideal customer profile.

You won’t be able to find your ideal customer if you can’t imagine who that ideal customer might be. Combine what you already know about your favourite customers with research about who is most likely to buy. 

2, Make personas based on your ideal customer research. 

Personalize your personas and give them names so they feel like living people to you. Bring this persona into the real world, make them feel alive, so you can imagine talking to them. Figure out what they want, what drives them, what would really help them out. 

3. Pick up the phone.

Sometimes the old ways really are best. People are busy and the way emails are spammed, leads might not notice if you are one email among hundreds. If you’re worried about bothering someone by calling them, that you might be perceived as some kind of business stalker, make absolutely sure that your pitch will add value to their day, not take it away. If what you’re offering is valuable and helpful, leads will make time for you. Who wouldn’t make time for that?

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Dan Tyre’s Top 3 Favourite Canadians of All Time

Dan is such an amazing fun guy, and he’s been in the business long enough to know that successful marketing is about building trust. Helping, not selling. Part of building trust is showing that you’re a real person, with life, with personality. So, when you’re talking to Dan, or another expert marketer, it’s not all about business. Which is why Dan kindly supplied me with his top 3 favourite Canadians of all time list. 

See if you can guess them from the clues alone. If you can’t quite put your finger on the names, check out episode 11 of the Company Growth Podcast for the answers!

  1. ? - singer-songwriter who wrote “Heart Of Gold,” “Harvest Moon,” and many other classic songs. Spent his childhood in Omemee, Ontario. Shout out to Omemee!
  2. ?  - professional basketball player from 1996 - 2015 and current coach of the Brooklyn Nets.
  3. ? - See if you can guess Dan’s third favourite Canadian: he’s an influential marketer. This one’s a tricky one, so bonus points if you get it!

You’ll notice near the end of the episode that Dan recommends we have Todd Hockenberry on the show. Which we did! But, because of scheduling complications, Todd’s episode was actually the first episode we released. Listen to Todd’s episode Hug Your Customers Closer, Virtually for tips on personalizing the inbound experience. 

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