Why You Should Outsource Website Development For Your Business

February 26, 2018 |   5 minute read


Why You Should Outsource Website Development For Your Business

The web design process asks business owners to wear many hats (even more hats than usual), like: a computer geek hat, a graphic designer hat, and a content creator hat. At Tangible Words, we believe that’s too many hats for one person to wear and it’s why we have a team of people to wear those hats for you.

So why don’t more people outsource website development? Because they inevitably, unwittingly, still think they can do it themselves. Besides your own stress levels (derived from taking on the additional work of 3-4 people on top of your existing daily tasks), trying to develop our own website, and write your own SEO WIIFM content, is going to make you experience some serious “man vs self” conflict.

rebuilding a website and the web design processSure, you’re going to experience conflict anyway: creating or upgrading your website is a very formative process: you become more of who you want to be with each version of your website.
To put it simply: a website is an elephant - the kind you need to eat one bite at a time. The danger is that without that team of people who do this all day long and are really good at it across sectors, that elephant can squash you flat. (How many websites have you seen take 8+ months to create? In the words of my two year old, “Sorry, baby” - that shouldn’t happen.)
So here’s why outsourcing your website development and content creation is going to help you get through that formative stage with less stress, more ease, and with more “you” left over afterwards.

The Pros See Things Differently When You Outsource Website Development

To create an awesome website you need to view your business from your customer’s screen and that’s impossible to do when you’re on the inside of your business.
The Tangible Words team sees your business from the outside while also understanding the features and benefits that set your business apart from your competitors - as well as who your target audience is and what they need to see from you in order to buy. That’s a lot to juggle (and we haven't even brought up SEO yet.)

Your internal perspective, about who you are and what you sell, naturally limits you until you can’t see where you lose your customers understanding or interest. When you outsource website development you get an outside perspective that allows you to get  a web content and design strategy you wouldn’t have access to.

The Number One Rule Of The Web Design Process

At Tangible Words, we believe in one thing above all else: Content First, Then Design. It’s so important to us we made it our tagline. People often redesign their website only to hate it six months later. They think it’s a problem with their design and so they redesign again and again. But the real problem lies with their content. But when you outsource website development and make your content the backbone of your website, it can support any design goal you have.

The bottom line is, the Tangible Words’ team of content writers handles:

  • all the SEO content for your website to make sure your organization is visible to the right people online
  • communication with your web team so you don’t have to deal with tech talk
  • working with your existing design team to help you reach your goals
  • communicating with your target audience (or audiences) through the creation of buyer personas
  • the unique features and benefits that set your business apart from the competition
  • generating an honest Google ranking

Get Ready To Redesign Your Website

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Have your next website redesign project bring out the best in you. Prepare yourself with this checklist so you’ll know what your website needs to boost sales before you start the process.