3 Tips for How to Increase Revenue and Sales Growth

March 31, 2021 |   2 minute read

3 Tips for How to Increase Revenue and Sales Growth

Being a sales manager means you juggle  managing the relationship between the sales and marketing departments, mentoring sales reps, and always thinking about how to increase revenue and sales growth. In other words, you have a lot to do and time is likely your greatest constraint. 

By identifying the things you can do quickly and easily, you’ll give yourself more time and energy to focus on your busy schedule. Even better, find out 3 tips for how to increase revenue right now. 

How to Increase Revenue and Sales Growth Fast

  1. Focus on repeat customers. We all know that it costs more to onboard a new customer then keep an old one. Never forget the importance of the delight stage on the buyer’s journey. What’s that you ask? The delight stage is when you get to show your customers they are more than just a deal to you. Automated systems that delight your customers will result in a longer CLV. Ask them for feedback and engage them through email and social media so that they’ll be excited to come to you when they’re ready to make their next purchase. 
  2. Adopt effective marketing strategies. It’s an obvious suggestion. But it’s obvious because: it works. Without a solid marketing strategy your sales pipeline will dry up within 90 days. One of the best ways to effectively reach your target audience is to use inbound marketing to shorten your sales cycle and find better quality leads. 
  3. Book a meeting with an award-winning sales growth specialist. Tangible Words helps businesses make more money and shorten their sales cycles. An objective   expert will assess your current strategies and identify the low hanging fruit to improve your team’s performance in  just 1 phone call. Tangible Words will help you understand the fastest ways you  can grow your company now. 

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These 3 tips allow you to get a stronger grip on a few of the balls you’re juggling so that you know where to focus first, and can rearrange your time to get these priorities done.  

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