The Company Growth Podcast Explains Inbound Marketing

October 27, 2020 |   4 minute read


The Company Growth Podcast Explains Inbound Marketing

What does inbound marketing mean to you? Is it something to do with Mad Men? Not really. On episode 8 of the Company Growth Podcast, Alysha Dominico and Tangible Words’ own Lead Writer and Social Media Specialist and all-around Renaissance Woman Ceilidhe Wynn discuss the meaning and philosophy behind inbound marketing.

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The Company Growth Podcast Discusses: What Is Inbound Marketing?

If you want to buy a new car, it’s a big investment, and likely not an investment that you take lightly. It’s not the kind of purchase you make on a whim, without doing research. But car dealerships are always trying to pressure you into a quick sale, and get you into the dealership with deals that are ending soon. Limited time only! This is what Ceilidhe describes as “outbound” marketing, i.e. the opposite of inbound. It’s a methodology that pressures the buyer and treats them like a number.

Inbound marketing takes a very different approach. “It’s about being genuine and creating that trust,” says Ceilidhe in episode 8 of the Company Growth Podcast. Inbound marketing is a way of empowering the consumer. The idea behind inbound is that if you provide a person with information and help educate them about their choices, then inform them about what you offer and help them solve their problem, they will come back to you as a trusted source.

Back to the car example Ceilidhe gives, with inbound marketing, the customer might not choose your car. But if you build trust, start a beneficial relationship, they’ll remember the good experience you gave and the help you offered for free. Maybe they go somewhere else and don’t have a good experience. The next time they’re on the market, they’ll come back to you for help, and recommend you to friends and colleagues. They will certainly remember the time the rival car dealership pressured them into a deal they weren’t comfortable with and weren’t fully decided on.

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The Future of Selling and The Necessity of Choice

Think of on-demand streaming services, YouTube, Spotify, online dating services, online shopping. The modern consumer is becoming used to having a catered experience online, and being able to look up a product and what others think of it before they buy. Modern marketing needs to adapt and become like these other services. By respecting your buyer and showing them evidence of why your product or service is better for them than your competitors, you are giving them what they have to come to expect from an online buying experience.

That's the power of inbound and you can learn more by listening to the discussion on the latest episode of the Company Growth Podcast.

Listen as we discuss:

  • How to stay consistent with an open line of communication between buyer and seller.
  • Why inbound is especially helpful for B2B and longer buying consideration cycles.
  • What a return on investment from inbound marketing looks like.
  • How you can track inbound results and see the process working in real time.
  • And more!

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