3 Ways to Attract Valuable SaaS Sales Leads

August 14, 2019 |   3 minute read


3 Ways to Attract Valuable SaaS Sales Leads
You’ve set your SaaS company up for success with a clear sales process that works well for your team. But wouldn’t it be great if you could bring in more dream clients? 

The ones who are the perfect match for your product, who know what they want, see the value in your products, and are ready to give your software a shot? It’s a no-brainer, everyone wants those clients.

Top 3 Tips for More Qualified Sales Leads

Ideal sales leads exist, and they’re looking for your SaaS company. So, it’s time to get creative with your prospecting. There are several ways you can help these potential customers find you. The top 3 tips to help you bring in more qualified leads are detailed for you.

1. Write What Your Customers Want To Read

Inbound marketing delivers warm leads to your sales team, significantly cutting back on time spent prospecting and qualifying sales leads. Inbound marketing is customer-centric. If a lead is searching for an answer, inbound marketing helps them find solutions as quickly as possible by publishing helpful content online.

Inbound marketing content is tailored to the challenges your ideal customers face. Whether it's your blog, social media, or info pages on your site, your content should help potential clients find the information they are looking for.

Coming up with ideas for content can seem overwhelming, but it's not as hard as you might think. If you’ve started amassing a list of frequently asked questions, you can repurpose each of those into a blog post. Your leads are likely to compare products when searching for a new one, so do the legwork for them. Post honest comparisons of your product to your competitors’, making sure to compare apples to apples, so include pricing, subscription options, and features each product has. Survey your existing customers to ask them what they want to know and use the results to inspire more content. Tutorials about how to use your software collaboratively, how-to’s that will help speed up workflows and training, and tips and tricks can also be helpful content for readers.

2. Authentic Advice: Get Podcasting

Starting a podcast is an excellent way to take advantage of popular media to promote your SaaS company. Your podcasts don’t need to be hours long to deliver relevant information. In just a few minutes you could:

  • nullShare a key learning during your software development
  • Provide tips and tricks for how to best utilize your software
  • Explain future changes and updates to your software
  • Interview SaaS experts, clients, or prospective clients
  • Discuss how your SaaS produce has helped clients achieve their goals
  • Collaborate with other podcasts to improve your reach and build your audience

3. Persona Development for Better Research

Developing semi-fictional personas of your ideal customers will help your sales and marketing teams drill down and focus on creating content for your ideal customers. Targeted content is more useful for your customers, and will help bring in quality leads.

Developing personas helps you get clear on exactly who your audience is and how you can serve them best. Having detailed personas makes it easier to create a connection with customers that shows them you understand their problems and software needs. Personas will help you identify what those problems might be, so you can illustrate how you will help your customers reach their goals.

An ideal fictional persona should include demographic information like age, socio-economic status, career experience, region of residence, income range, and common challenges and goals. It can also be helpful to add a portrait photo to represent the persona as it makes it easier to imagine them. It’s common to have a few different personas that represent the different types of people you would like your sales team to connect with.

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