Add This To Your SaaS Sales Process for Massive Growth

August 27, 2019 |   3 minute read


Add This To Your SaaS Sales Process for Massive Growth

When people are spending a large amount of money buying higher-tech items they tend to take time considering all of the available options. Buyers will research online, looking for the best solution for their specific needs

And, this kind of sale will require more effort on your part, including creating content that clearly explains why your product is the best solution for them.

Without content to educate the customer, your sales team will be spending a great deal of time and effort in the presentation stage of the sales process. Having a content creation strategy explaining how your product is the answer to your ideal client’s problems will help them move through the sales pipeline more efficiently. By letting the content do the leg work, educating and presenting, your sales team will be able to close more deals by spending time on qualified customers. Educating customers is the key to SaaS sale.

How to Educate Your Prospects with Your Content Marketing Strategy

If your sales team had easy access to shareable content that educated the prospective customer, they could spend more time working with higher qualified leads. In this way, your sales team can close more deals for your SaaS company.

A content creation strategy that educates the buyer will give your prospective customers the information they need to understand why your product is the solution they are looking for. When this content is readily available for your sales team to share, you are saving time. Let your content do the heavy lifting by educating the buyers, and then your sales team can focus on closing. The curated content will also attract your ideal target audience, giving your sales team better leads.

A good content creation strategy should include information that is relevant to them specifically and is genuinely helpful. Explain clearly to them:

  • how your products work
  • how the product will solve their problems
  • and, explain how to help them make decisions

Consider the prospective customer’s needs. When you create content that educates or solves problems, you are serving them even before they become your customer. And by being helpful you will build trust and loyalty with your online followers. You’ll also be demonstrating your expertise and authority in the SaaS industry with your stellar educational content.

Improve Your Sales Process by Outsourcing Content Creation


An in-house marketing team can write your content and set up a blog on your SaaS company’s website. Members of your sales team may already be doing this, or might be inclined to create content for the customers they understand best. You can also bring in an inbound marketing team with the knowledge and experience to write to your ideal customer persona, while incorporating SEO best practices.

By outsourcing content creation, you will be able to focus on growing your SaaS company’s sales department by focusing on better qualified leads. Content creation services will work with your sales team to produce quality pieces that can be posted on your website and used in email conversations. More targeted content, produced in mass attracts better prospects and generates more qualified leads.

Focus on Your SaaS Company’s Sales Process

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