5 Local Stories of Successful Women in Business to Inspire Your Career

March 28, 2024 |   5 minute read

5 Local Stories of Successful Women in Business to Inspire Your Career

We need to hear stories about the struggles women go through in the business world to fight for equal pay and equal opportunity. We also need to celebrate the victories of successful women in business and learn how they overcame the struggles of working in a male dominated field. Here are five stories to inspire you to smash the glass ceiling!


1. Kristin Crowe - Alarm Systems

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a tidal wave of demand for security systems. Companies that had never previously given much thought to securing their buildings were suddenly very concerned about the expensive equipment lounging around when all of their employees were home and aspiring thieves had a bunch of free time on their hands. 

Learn how Kristin kept companies safe here.


2. Chandy Davis - Electro Cables Inc.

Manufacturing still tends to be a heavily male-dominated field. That’s what makes Chandy Davis’s accomplishments even more impressive. As a business leader in manufacturing, Chandy had to make tough calls in 2020 and pivot to protect employees from harm and illness. 

Hear how Chandy kept her business running and her employees safe here. 


3. Peng-Sang Cau - ATS Automation

Another amazing female leader in manufacturing, Peng-Sang Cau escaped the Cambodian genocide as a child to start a new life as a manufacturer in Canada. Her story is harrowing, and an inspiration to women who are struggling to find a home in a male-dominated industry. 

Discover Peng-Sang Cau’s journey from refugee to manufacturing leader here. 


4. Julie Kingsley - The Manuscript Academy

The publishing industry is changing and women leaders in the industry are at the forefront of that change. Technology is changing the way society consumes media and it takes thoughtful and strong leaders to navigate the developments of a rapidly evolving media landscape. Another leader who had to make new and uncomfortable decisions during Covid, Julie took her popular in-person writing courses and successfully shifted them to an online model. 

Find out how Julie took an offline business and turned it online here. 


5. Cindy Wilson - Beclawat Manufacturing

Cindy had her life planned out from a pretty early age: she was going to be a nurse. Life, however, had other plans. Cindy quickly found that nursing was not her calling, and after some soul searching, she decided to explore accountancy. That wasn’t her ticket either. It was only when Cindy stumbled through trial and error into human resources at a manufacturing company that she’d found her vocation at last. Cindy’s story is a reminder for women to look for careers in unusual places - you might just find a home and a career where you least expect it. 

Listen to Cindy’s journey into becoming a human resources thought leader here. 


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Stories That You Won't Hear Celebrated Elsewhere

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