In the Top 25 Canadian Business Podcasts: The Company Growth Podcast

July 26, 2021 |   9 minute read


In the Top 25 Canadian Business Podcasts: The Company Growth Podcast

Being an executive leader is tough, and there are days when everything seems to be falling apart. We’re taught as entrepreneurs and c-suite executives to not talk about those moments. But we learn the most in those moments of doubt. 

We gain confidence in our abilities and the abilities of our teams to get the job done no matter the challenge. If you’re experiencing growing pains in your business, try listening to the Company Growth Podcast for the inspiration to keep you fighting! You’ll have fun and learn plenty of insider tips along the way. 

Company Growth Podcast Named 1 of 25 Best Canadian Business Podcasts


In June of 2021, Feedspot declared that the Company Growth Podcast was one of the Top 25 Business Podcasts in Canada! Check out the list and stream the best business podcasts to take your business to the next level.

Look below for descriptions and links to some of the podcast’s most engaging episodes so far.


Hop In Tech Is Improving the Way Employees Commute 

Season 2, Episode 7 - With Boyd Reid of Hop In Tech

The Company Growth Podcast: Building a Better Commute

So many industries were broadsided by the COVID-19 pandemic, but the transportation industry almost disappeared overnight as businesses changed to work-from-home models and people stayed indoors. But some employees still needed safe transportation to and from work, and that’s where Hop In Tech was able to help. Learn how the story of Hop In Tech can help grow your business on the Company Growth Podcast. 


Listen to Hop In Tech Is Improving the Way Employees Commute.


How a Rental Service Convinced RV Owners to Lend Their RVs to Strangers 

Season 2, Episode 4 - With Joel Walters of RVezy

Discover how grassroots marketing and word-of-mouth reviews took an RV rental company from one listing a day to thousands.

Joel Walters had bought his first RV, but for the months when he wasn’t on vacation, it sat unused. What started as a nuisance ended as an amazing opportunity and the perfect showcase of how to grow your business online. Listen to the inspiring story on the Company Growth Podcast. 


Listen to How a Rental Service Convinced RV Owners to Lend their RVs to Strangers.


Alarm Systems Keeps Its Cool When the World Goes Sideways

Season 2, Episode 2 - With Kristin Crowe of Alarm Systems 

The Company Growth Podcast: Run Further Than You Ever Thought Possible

At the beginning of the COVID pandemic, security companies suddenly became more essential than ever before. Listen to a business insider discuss the marathon of growth that followed on the Company Growth Podcast.


Listen to Alarm Systems Keeps Its Cool When the World Goes Sideways.


How to Survive the Worst and Become the Best

Season 2, Episode 1 - With Peng-Sang Cau of ATS Automation 

The Company Growth Podcast: Learn how one company survived a 90% loss in revenue and came back stronger than ever.

Peng-Sang Cau is a survivor of wars, a refugee camp and a genocide. She has also managed to build a successful career for herself in an industry where women are traditionally underrepresented. Inspire yourself to grow your company with the Company Growth Podcast.


Listen to How to Survive the Worst and Become the Best.


How to Beat Company Growing Pain

Season 1, Episode 13 - With Grant Findlay-Shirras of Parkbench

The Company Growth Podcast: Red Light, Green Light

The Company Growth Podcast features Grant Findlay-Shirras of Parkbench, a company that helps real estate agents build community and grow their business. Get some insight for your own company by hearing Grant talk about beating business blues and seeing the silver lining, and why salespeople have something to learn from Matthew McConaughey.  


Listen to How to Beat Company Growing Pain.


Value-Based Living and You

Season 1, Episode 12 - With Allison Villa

Season 1, Episode 12 of the Company Growth Podcast: Allison Villa

Listen to Alysha Dominico on the Company Growth Podcast as she discusses value-based living with Allison Villa, an amazing psychotherapist and entrepreneur. 


Listen to Value-Based Living and You.


Intro to Smarketing

Season 1, Episode 11 - With Dan Tyre of HubSpot

The Company Growth Podcast: Intro to Smarketing

If your company is using HubSpot, check out the Company Growth Podcast episode from the first season featuring Dan Tyre. Dan is an enigmatic speaker who knows the company growth game inside and out, and his enthusiasm for everything HubSpot-related comes through as he and Alysha have a lively discussion about smarketing and how to market smarter. 


Listen to Intro to Smarketing.


Ask Me Anything

Season 1, Episode 9 - With Chelsey Moter of Cannack

chelsey pic 3


Many places in North America have legalized cannabis, and the legal cannabis industry has become an interesting industry to watch. The industry had to overcome a controversial past and also create a space for itself. Marketers like Chelsey Moter, who works for Cannack, a growth agency that focuses on helping cannabis companies, have taken a creative approach to reaching new audiences. This is a great episode of the Company Growth Podcast to listen to if you want to grow using outside-the-box methods. 


Listen to Ask Me Anything.


What Does Inbound Mean to You?

Season 1, Episode 8 - With Ceilidhe Wynn of Tangible Words

The Company Growth Podcast: What Does Inbound Mean to You?

On the Company Growth Podcast, Alysha Dominico and Ceilidhe Wynn dive deep into a discussion of inbound marketing and how it works more intelligently and more humanely to bring you leads. 

Listen to What Does Inbound Mean to You?


Married After the First Dance 

Season 1, Episode 6 - With Bennett Boucher of Drift

The Company Growth Podcast featuring Bennett Boucher

Bennett Boucher is on the Company Growth Podcast, and he has a lot of knowledge to share with you about progressive profiling, chat bots, how Drift approaches the buyer’s journey, and how to sell during a pandemic.

Listen to Married After the First Dance.


Read About Other Season 1 Episodes

You Could Be a Guest on a New Episode of the Company Growth Podcast

The Company Growth Podcast is always looking for amazing true stories of company growth and survival. The Company Growth Podcast aims to be one of the few business podcasts that tells the real story of entrepreneurship: how growing pains lead to growth gains. Every entrepreneur faces the occasional setback; making mistakes is how we learn to excel. But how often do entrepreneurs talk like that? We’re taught to hide our growing pains, even if those small setbacks lead to amazing success!

By being a guest on the Company Growth Podcast, you’re not just sharing your story with the world, you’re also setting yourself up for a free cross-promotion initiative with Tangible Words. You’ll get to reach an audience for your company and you’ll get to tell your story in a fun and stimulating environment.
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