Work from Home: 6 Values Aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals

April 16, 2024 |   8 minute read

Work from Home: 6 Values Aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals

As parents, educators, entrepreneurs, and members of the LGBTIQ+ community, our co-founders Vicky Marrack and Alysha Dominico know how important it is for a company to make an impact beyond profits

That's exactly where Tangible Help comes in – it's Tangible Words’ way of collaborating with other business leaders we’ve met, pooling our resources, and investing in what really matters. Inspired by what we’ve learned from Tangible Words, Tangible Help allows us to give back through financial contributions and volunteer work, focusing on six important areas:

  1. The LGBTIQ+ Community

  2. Women in Business

  3. The Environment

  4. Educators, Kids, Seniors & Families

  5. Anti-Racism

  6. Healthy Living

Because we’re so passionate about putting our money where our hearts are, it’s no coincidence that so many of our core values align with global betterment initiatives, like the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). But how exactly does our work from home model fit into the bigger picture? We were curious, too. Keep reading to find out how Tangible Help's 6 core values align with the UN’s 17 Goals, and to see just how strong our commitment to creating a better world for all actually is. 

1. Tangible Words: an LGBTIQ+ Owned Company

Because Tangible Words is an LGBTIQ+ owned company, we are directly invested in ensuring this community flourishes at all levels. This community is embedded inA woman working from home on a laptop with an LGBTQ+ flag in the background. the fabric of what we do, and we’re so excited to see efforts like ours prioritized on a global scale, too. While so many of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are directly concerned with social justice causes, Goal 10 strikes a chord with us, especially Target 10.2, which champions the inclusion of all, regardless of labels, boundaries, and other statuses. What does this work look like on a global scale? In 2022, we started the process of setting up a scholarship fund for these communities and we are enthusiastic about bringing LGBTIQ+ issues to the fore time and time again.


2. Championing Women in Business

Tangible Words is also (you guessed it!) an award-winning women-owned company, meaning we know better than anyone that women thrive with extra support when striving for the top. And gender equality is getting global attention, too: Goal 5, in the UN’s SDGs, seeks to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

On our local scale, we offer women-owned companies CRM training and sales pipeline coaching. We’ve also set up a scholarship fund for new female entrepreneurs in 2021, and we’re always interrogating the role of gender in the business world, in our podcast: The Company Growth Podcast

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3. Investing in the Environment and Sustainability

Protecting the earth is an important way for us to show care and improve what comes after us. We know that growing your company shouldn’t come at the expense of our planet. And it’s high-time we started thinking globally about this. Check out some of the work the UN is doing to protect the environment:

At Tangible Words, we support protecting natural habitats, like the No Place For a Quarry Project, and the development of clean technology (like Ignite Clean Tech). 

4. Creating Relief for Educators, Kids, Seniors & Families

We believe in supporting projects that uplift and relieve Educators, Kids, Seniors & Families.While education might start locally, thinking critically about the future of education has never been more important. The UN’s Goal 4 aims to ensure

Senior citizens working on laptops with educator guiding them.

inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. As parents and past educators, Alysha and Vicky personally volunteer on projects that try to improve and make educators and families lives easier. From fundraising, to sponsoring kids sports teams, to shoveling driveways, – Tangible Help helps take off some of the workload so educators and families can focus on building a quality education system for everyone, wherever they are. 


5. Putting Anti-Racism Into Practice

At Tangible Words, we’re deeply invested in educating ourselves about the role white people play in addressing and removing systemic racism. We are always researching and developing inclusivity and diversity policies to ensure we practice anti-racism at every step. And this is, of course, a global issue: several of the 17 Goals from the UN’s SDGs take on the prominent issues of discrimination, particularly systemic inequalities based on race. For one, Goal 16 aims to promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels. We know that this is a vitally important and global initiative, and we always welcome project ideas about how we can make Tangible Words a more inclusive space––and how we can invest in practicing anti-racism in all that we do.

6. How Remote Work Can Inspire Healthy Living

We’re dedicated to making sure every member of our team feels fulfilled in their sense of work-life balance. And we’re also strong believers in the power of exercise and having the language and space to safely communicate about all forms of health. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 3 seeks to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. At Tangible Words, we know how important access to an active life is, and we’ve sponsored projects with Wheelchair Basketball Canada to get everyone involved in the joy of sport. We stand behind initiatives to get young people involved in community and sport, like Rise Above Barriers. 

Thank you for believing in our mission! We wouldn’t have reached Everest Base Camp without our team back home! – Kirstina, Nepal Project Coordinator, Rise Above Barriers

And we practice this in a very, well, tangible, way at Tangible Words: we’re all about work-life balance––so much so that we won an award for it in 2018. A huge part of finding that balance means making sure our contractors feel like they have the best job ever. Working from home gives us the chance to prioritize our mental health, physical health, and our jobs simultaneously so we can be our best selves––one hundred percent of the time. Working at Tangible Words looks like living a life of your own design, where the perks include: 

We Can Do More, Together

Whatever way you cut it, it’s clear that the goals of the United Nations and the goals of Tangible Help and Tangible Words have one thing in common: we want to make sure this world is as enjoyable as possible, for as many people as possible, for as long as possible. From ensuring our work from home contractors can focus on their health to investing in sustainability-driven initiatives, we practice global equity initiatives on a local scale because they’re imperative to how we operate as a team at Tangible Words –– the work we do just wouldn’t make sense without them. 

Experience Working From Home and Redefine Your Work-Life Balance

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