7 Days Of Marketing With An Inbound Marketing Agency

December 22, 2017 |   5 minute read

7 Days Of Marketing With An Inbound Marketing Agency

Are the best inbound marketing tips on your wishlist this year? If so, we have the gift for you! We’ve pulled together the best of our 2017 inbound marketing agency advice in one pretty package, so your company can start the new year with a marketing-bang. Plus, we’ve got the inbound marketing checklist—and expert help—that will make this new year your most productive yet.
Your challenge: check out one article a day for one week over the holidays; seven days, seven articles. And once you have a better idea of what inbound marketing is and what it can do for you, call up the experts to help put your strategy in motion.

Why not make consulting with an inbound marketing agency your company’s New Year’s resolution? And as another gift to yourself, check out Hubspot’s helpful inbound marketing software.

Basics & Tactics You Can Learn From An Inbound Marketing Agency

tips to converting leadsConsider this the stocking stuffer you open before your present (the inbound marketing checklist). You need to know the terminology behind inbound marketing to make full use of your checklist’s relationship-forming and sales-boosting powers. “Inbound Marketing Tactics to Get More Customers With Less Work” is the ultimate stocking stuffer - a top-notch resource for planning your inbound marketing strategy because it tells you:

  • Inbound marketing terminology like: buyer personas and Unique Selling Proposition (USP), which are vital for converting leads.
  • The buyer’s journey - with infographic
  • Tools for creating an effective inbound marketing strategy -  i.e. blogs, articles, video

Start your inbound journey armed with expertise of an inbound marketing agency! The article above will get you started and guide you toward further advice from inbound marketing specialists.

The Group of 7: Articles by A Team of Inbound Marketing Specialists

With the goal to help companies attract leads in the most effective ways possible, we’ve grouped the best 2017 articles here - and included a short and sweet note on the topics covered by each:

  1. How to Use Inbound Marketing: When it comes to inbound marketing, trial and error is a given for success. So is building loyalty through frequent platform updates.

  2. The Awareness Stage of Inbound Marketing: Walks you through the three stages of the buyer’s journey - awareness, consideration, decision - and shares how to make the most of the awareness stage by understanding the needs of your target audience (this will help with converting leads to sales.

  3. Get More Sales With Inbound Marketing: Ten ways to convert more leads to sales by diversifying your strategy - think blogs, relevant content, clear calls to action - all things that can help maximize your return on investment!

  4. 7 Misconceptions of Inbound Marketing: what to expect from inbound marketing and related statistics that show you just what a valuable asset an inbound marketing strategy can be for your company.

  5. 7 More Misconceptions of Inbound Marketing: Measuring return on investment isn’t possible with inbound marketing - myth or truth? How about: Social Media just doesn’t sell? Find out here.

  6. Write Custom Content for Your Target Audience: Custom content appeals to the audience you know is interested and solves problems specific to that audience.

  7. Measure Your Return on Investment: Four important metrics to help you measure your return on investment; consumption, sharing, lead generation and sales.

Inbound marketing is like a nesting doll; it’s a gift within a gift, within a gift. Because social media supports blog efforts, which supports website efforts, etc… So give your company the gift of an inbound marketing strategy this holiday, and kick the new year off with a plan for success!

Our Present to You: A Checklist, For Building and Converting Leads

Open it with a click - no danger of flying gift wrap!

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