Consequences of Email Marketing Without a Plan

September 10, 2013 |   2 minute read

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Consequences of Email Marketing Without a Plan
Are you considering a business blog for your company or perhaps a monthly e-newsletter? Have you wondered if you would have people interested enough to read your email marketing newsletters or blog articles? Email marketing without a plan will not remove these obstacles.
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The #1 reason most email marketing fails = NO CONTENT PLAN.

Good content is only effective if it reaches your target audience. 

Three Consequences of Email Marketing Without a Plan

The end result of an email marketing plan is having subscribers who want to know what you have to say and will ultimately buy from you or recommend your business to others.  

If you don't have an email marketing plan, you could run into:

  1. Frustration trying to think up things to say to your audience and running out of ideas when you need to keep content fresh.
  2. Damaging your credibility if you're not consistent. (For example, your last e-newsletter was 2023…or your last blog post was four months ago).
  3. Ending up in junk mail. Unsolicited emails are not only not CASL-friendly, they'll not even be seen by a potential buyer.

Making sure your contacts have opted into your emails eliminates your worries of spam and sending unwanted information to uninterested people. An email marketing plan helps you manage the content you're sharing so that it's done thoughtfully with new emails touching on new topics and building g on previous topics. A plan lets you provide more and more helpful information to nurture your leads and work with them through their buying decision process.  

Find Out Why People Want to Hear From You and Create Content for Them

There are many types of content to help your potential buyers along their decision-making process. Use these suggested areas of content to pre-plan and write your content so you can stay current and always appeal to new leads and late-stage buyers.

1.  Education: DIY, How-To, Reminders of How-To
2.  Currency: News, Industry,  Gossip
3. Sharing: something cool, helpful
4. Offers: promotions, discounts
Make sure your content plan includes topics, keywords, and contacts. Use your editorial calendar to keep your content releases regular and reliable. 

Check out this inbound marketing checklist to keep your content working for you.

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