How To Create Website Content That Increases Sales

November 15, 2017 |   7 minute read

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How To Create Website Content That Increases Sales

Deciding the type of website content that increases sales can feel a bit overwhelming. You start with a homepage and then add pages according to every expert you can find, including those helpful friends, family and colleagues… soon, the thing takes on a life of its own and the project spirals out of control!
Here, all in one location, is everything you need to know about website content that increases sales. You'll learn how to get started and how to maintain it.

How to Get Started With Your Website Content 

As with any large project, you need a plan. Before creating your website content, make a checklist of what content to include, and put the content-creation tasks in logical order. Don’t forget to check with your team for their requirements.

create website content that increases salesHow do you know what content to include on your website? It helps to read the latest articles by industry experts for their recommendations. But, begin with making your website purpose obvious. A person who lands on your page should know who you are and what you do within a few seconds. In depth target market research will enable you to create detailed buyer personas that will help you understand how people search for your website, what information they want to find and how they will use that information. Check out a website homepage review to see how other companies use content to create a good website, and use this information as a guideline to refine and prioritize your content checklist.

Be Sure to Think About...

SEO, Keywords & Google

Design your website content around Search Engine Optimization to improve your search engine ranking. Your ranking is where your business website is placed on the results page of a Google search. Ensure you manage links, use powerful SEO keywords and careful keyword placement to achieve a higher ranking.

Graphics & Videos

Website content that increases sales includes graphics, slideshows and videos to attract attention and keep people interested. It’s a great idea to create a sales video, because even a 5 second video will increase website traffic.

Lead Generation & Sales

Professional copywriting gets your business noticed by stating the benefits of your product or service in a way that appeals to your buyer personas. Your website content should generate leads and capture, track and convert website visitors into customers. Use your website’s words to sell your business online. Track your results to help you learn how to best sell from your website.

Good Navigation Gives Your Website Content More Impact To Increase Sales

Review the following list when creating online content that increases sales and designing navigation.professional copywriting for your website

To attract online customers, your content must include a clear call to action, with an incentive to act now. This could be an email subscription form, a “buy now to receive 10% off” button, or a “click here to learn more” option.

Ongoing Strategy & Maintenance For Website Content That Increase Sales

Website content that increases sales over is an ongoing investmentFit new content seamlessly into existing content to keep your website evolving. Stay current with best practices for website maintenance and be sure to spring clean your content frequently. Consider that it may take more than webpages to make an impact online.

The rules of professional copywriting for websites are changing with innovations like Google glass. The future of websites points toward a scaling back of content, so every word  of your website content has to work hard to increase sales for your business. This makes it even more imperative to hire a professional content creation company, like Tangible Words, to help you maintain a kick ass website.

Add Website Content That Increases Sales

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Tangible Words can get you started by helping you make sure your existing website hosts content that increases sales, so you can do better business online today.