Here's How Brand Consistency Makes Money

November 17, 2010 |   2 minute read

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Here's How Brand Consistency Makes Money
Your content creation strategy works best when you harness the power of brand consistency. Aim to use industry-specific keyword content to attract your target audience in all your copy and build your brand's reputation alongside the SEO content. 

Why Brand Consistency Helps Your Search Ranking

Google uses many different indicators to rank businesses appropriately and organically for user searches. Your credibility is enhanced when customers know what to expect from you and are happy with your services. Experience, expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness are key indicators of your business's legitimacy, so ensure you consistently show this in your content. When you've garnered recognition for these factors and tied them to your brand, you want to ensure your brand stands out in all your marketing. Your brand consistency ensures people know who they're dealing with right from the start and through the buying process. 

New Call-to-action

When people click the link to your website from your e-newsletter, your website should reflect the same tone and language as the newsletter. If not, you risk confusing your customers instead of sending the same message consistently. In a world where you're marketing on many different platforms, you'll need to change the tone to reflect the audience, but your core messages and brand remain the same. (AI can help you reuse content across multiple platforms, helping you get the tone right for each.) 

If you've tried to write content in-house and made no gains and wasted valuable time, you can get help from inbound marketing specialists. These experts create copy and build inbound marketing strategies that increase your visibility and build on your brand. They'll also help you manage your website copy and website design to create a powerful sales tool that drives your revenue. Inbound marketing agencies such as Tangible Words help businesses use HubSpot software to manage all content and marketing channels from one platform.

Three Ways Inbound Marketers Are a Valuable Asset to Your Brand's Impact

As AI becomes commonplace in content creation, users still want new ideas and authentic resources for their online research. The human experience and industry expertise associated with your brand will put you higher on search results.

Here's how getting help from professionals can keep you relevant. They'll:

  1. Maintain brand consistency from body content to website design and social posts;

  2. Manage performance of user engagement to track and build on successful campaigns;  

  3. Design a long-term content strategy that you can follow in-house once you're set up and trained to keep your brand actively thriving.


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