How to Spring Clean Your Company Website to Increase Sales

April 12, 2017 |   3 minute read


How to Spring Clean Your Company Website to Increase Sales

The time has arrived when winter has no choice but to make way for the coming of Spring. This year, when you haul out the brooms, dust-pans, and gardening gloves to give your home a fresh beginning, why not do the same for your business? Take your resources to the screen and revitalize your company’s online presence using a website redevelopment strategy like the one below.

With Site Metrics Clean Your Company Website to Increase Sales and Website Traffic

Your shelves may not be the only things in need of a dusting. Clearing away the Spring Cleaning your Company Websitefluff opens a path to increased website traffic and gives you the space to implement an effective content marketing strategy. How can you tell what’s fluff? Track the quality of content performance with site metrics - this will assist you in measuring your return on investment and making best use of your website as an inbound marketing tool.

A good strategy for improving your company’s website includes regular cleaning and fine-tuning in order to maintain its authority and competitive-edge, but just as each house has different maintenance priorities, so too does each company website. If you clicked the link above, you’ll note the four main metric areas to consider when cleaning up your website: consumption, sharing, lead generation and sales.

Metrics show where you’re lagging so you can focus your time and budget where needed. You can also pinpoint the weaknesses of your company site by asking yourself a few quick questions.

3 Questions to Help Determine Your Company’s Content Marketing Needs for New Growth

You’ve cleared the dust by getting rid of content that didn’t convert. Next, update your text, images, video, etc... to improve your company website and impress your target audience.

  1. What has frustrated you about your own experience as a website user?

    Think about product-based websites if you’re a product-based business, or service, if service-based. What makes or breaks your stay on a website? What draws you in? Find a way to incorporate what works and cut out what doesn’t. Here are 5 factors that may be keeping your website from making the sale.

  2. Do you need to increase your website development budget?

    If you’re not meeting sales goals, you might need to spend money to make some. A high-quality site doesn’t need to be expensive, but your plan for it should be thorough to ensure you get the best value for your investment. Here’s an example of how to get the best value for your website budget.Thinking back to the first question, what are your website’s greatest needs for improvement? Content? Design? SEO? Do You Know How to Keep Your Website Evolving? Keeping your competitive edge may mean hiring an expert to guide your website redevelopment strategy.

  3. Do you need assistance crafting an effective content marketing strategy?

    Content strategists can help you with your inbound marketing plan; ensuring use of proper keywords, creating links and backlinks between pages, determining optimal placement of content to increase website traffic.

Spring cleaning your company website gives your business a greater chance to reach its target audience in the year ahead. Google likes fresh content and visitors appreciate up-to-date information - it will bolster your authority online and bring you closer to the sale.

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