Hired a Website Content Writer? 5 Steps to Help Them Help You

June 21, 2018 |   2 minute read

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Hired a Website Content Writer? 5 Steps to Help Them Help You

You want to improve your inbound marketing plan and boost sales. That’s why you’ve hired a website content writer to help you rebuild your website.

Here's 5 steps to follow so you get exactly what you want from your website content writer:

1. Prioritize. Make a list of all of the items you need done and prioritize them for your website content writer. It’ll keep your staff and your wallet happy by not tackling too many projects at the same time. If you don’t have a brand or a logo, do that first.

2. Target Your Audience. Knowing who your ideal customers are will improve your inbound marketing. Becoming an expert on your buyer personas will ensure that your copywriter is better able to create engaging content, tailored to the needs of your customers.

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3. Make Objectives. Don’t spend money on an aimless campaign. Think about what you want your website copy to accomplish. If you don’t know how many more visitors you want your website to attract, or how much lower you want your website bounce rate to be, then refine your focus.

4. Budget. How much money are you willing to spend on your content? If you’re unsure, explore for free what it is that you really need without feeling anxious about the price tag. If the firm whose helping you can’t fit your budget, they’ll be nice enough to recommend someone who can.

5. Timelines. When do you want your website to go live? Ensure that you set aside some additional time to approve the draft and discuss the edits.

Bonus step!

6. Assess your new content. Hubspot's Marketing Free Software can help you see what your website visitors are doing, find out what pages, offers, and forms are working on your site, and which need work. Then your website content writer can help you fill the content gaps.

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