How to Improve Your Sales Team's Close Rate

June 18, 2019 |   3 minute read

How to Improve Your Sales Team's Close Rate

Continually learning how to improve your sales team close rates is essential to keeping your sales team running as efficiently as possible and making more money! But what are the best techniques you can teach your team in this modern era of sales and marketing?

3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Sales Team’s Close Rate

1. Glass-half-full Close

From the moment you approach a potential client, you can focus on the “glass-half-full” idea. We’ve all met people who see the world in a more positive light, and let’s face it, they’re more fun to be around.

Using this technique means you train yourself to see more possibility with each and every potential client. A glass-half-full technique can have a powerful and positive effects.

Having a positive attitude doesn’t mean you don’t also listen, engage, and acknowledge. You still need to ask your potential clients, “Did my presentation answer all your questions and concerns?” and move towards the close with, “Do you think what I’ve outlined will be a valuable addition to your company?”

When you start any conversation with solutions in mind instead of barriers, you’re opening up the creative flow between you and your potential client..

2. Re-Cap Close

You can “re-cap” all the features and benefits of your products or services the potential client has shown interest in. Remind them with a list of all the reasons they want to buy.

Re-cap closing shows you’ve listened to the client’s wants and needs, which creates trust.

3. Right-Away Close

The right-away close takes customers by surprise. When potential clients ask for add-ons or discounts, they are expecting a “No, we can’t do that” or at least some negotiating. But if you know you can give them what they’ve asked for, you can move them directly to the close.

For example, “I can give you the add-ons at a reduced price, but you have to sign the contract today.”

Potential customers don’t expect this quick of a response. You are giving them what they asked for, so they are more likely to sign and get what they wanted.

How to Improve Your Sales Team’s Marketing Techniques

How to Improve Your Sales Team’s Marketing TechniquesYou also have the option of going upstream in order to ensure more of your leads are closer to becoming customers by utilizing inbound marketing techniques. You can start by incorporating personas of your ideal clients, which provide an in-depth understanding of who you are selling to. When creating marketing content, you can then write about topics that are important to your ideal potential clients.

Inbound marketing can also provide you with useful metrics, allowing you to see where your site visitors are spending the most time, clicking through to, and which pieces of content they are sharing on social media. These metrics help you create more of what your ideal clients are looking for, which builds trust, and attracts more qualified leads to your sales team.

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