How to Maximize Your Website as a Powerful Sales Tool

November 13, 2018 |   4 minute read

How to Maximize Your Website as a Powerful Sales Tool

You know your website could be way more effective to generate and nurture quality leads. To start, your company website needs to be updated so people can understand it. If website content is written for only experts in your sector to understand it — why do the website visitors need your company?

You can make it easy for customers to find you by providing relevant content across a variety of platforms that drive traffic to your website. Then the website content must also meet their needs, be easy to navigate and provide a clear call to action which moves them along the conversion funnel.

Here’s the information you need to convince your team to invest time and money into revamping the website.

Tangible Words Used Web Sales Techniques To Achieve...

  • Increased website traffic by 52% after one month – Haliburton Forest
  • A total of $600,000 in new business – Area 9
  • Increased online store sales by 340% - Topsy Farms

You know what needs to be done, but let’s face it, you aren’t really looking forward to spending long hours rebuilding your website. You have way too many meetings to sit down and give the project the focus it deserves. The solution: hire a growth-driven website design company.

Partner with Tangible Words to Create a Growth-Driven Design Website

tangible words website as a sales tool

  1. Content First: We’ll review your target audience and buyer persona research and provide external feedback. Then we’ll work with you to define an inbound marketing strategy that aligns with your company’s goals and guides our content creation.
  2. Growth-Driven Design: the website is the central focus, our inbound marketing strategy will incorporate social media marketing amongst many more tactics to drive traffic. Your growth-driven design website will provide what your target audience wants, in the way they want to receive it.
  3. Tracking: Using HubSpot software, we’ll set up your website to track each customer interaction and provide feedback based on the information we collect. Learn how customers use your website and how you can be sure they get what they want from your company - and you get what you want from their website visit.
  4. Higher quality leads: Amplify your reach, shorten your sales cycle, and attract better quality leads to impress your sales leaders.   When their bottom line improves dramatically, they’ll realize how profitable a growth-driven design website can be for your company. Kudos to you for steering them in the right direction!
  5. Staff Training: Once the framework for your inbound marketing is established, we can provide a training session and manual for your staff. Keep costs down by performing your ongoing growth-driven design website management in-house. We’ll lay out a clear, sustainable plan for you to maintain your kick ass website.

Get the results you’ve always believed were possible.

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