How To Use Twitter To Attract Business Attention Online

May 03, 2016 |   3 minute read

How To Use Twitter To Attract Business Attention Online

Using Twitter to attract business attention online is important for your business. But what you think is interesting enough to share is a reputation builder too.

Businesses using Twitter should know it’s more than amassing a large following. Twitter is a far reaching way to make your business knowledge and your opinions relevant to your peers, as well as to your potential customers.

“Mutual appreciation can create mutual benefits online” Alysha Dominico, TW Founder.

Beyond your own content, Twitter lets you access and share loads of good information which can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s where taking the time to create your own Twitter lists, as well as a twitter marketing strategy, becomes essential. Lists are curated groups of Twitter accounts that only show you the content posted by users on the list. Using lists you can monitor tweets in manageable chunks so it’s faster to grab content you like and share it while it’s fresh.

Here’s how businesses like to use Twitter.

Three of Our Favourite Ways to Use Twitter to Expand Influence  

  1. The Retweet:
    Crafting retweetable content that catches the attention of likeminded audiences is a great way to get noticed online. Hint: it helps the original source look informed and makes a good impression on their own audiences (a win-win). When you hit on content that resonates with your followers – and generates retweets –you can use it to build trusted relationships with whomever you're retweeting. The exposure to their audience helps you expand your reach to responsive audiences.

Remember to acknowledge retweets so people know you appreciate their insights and feel more closely connected with you.

  1. Lists Part 1:
    Focus on lists which build your online community and are based around businesses and people you’re interested in. When you see content that makes an impression on you, connect with the author to let them know you’re paying attention. It’s easy to get lost in the barrage of information, so individual recognition is a big boost for someone who’s working to increase their engagement and can help you foster a new positive relationship too.

    “Take an interest in their interest to create a respectful network of likeminded people that’ll build friendships, forge alliances and generate solid leads.”

  2. Lists Part 2:  
    These lists include your target audiences. Following them helps you identify consumer pain points. Knowing what they need gives you an opening to send your resources to, or just be a helpful contact, so they’ll keep you top of mind when they’re ready to act.

How Content Marketers Get Your Twitter On Point

Content marketers help you use your Twitter account to build trust in your business and your professionalism so you become a go-to resource for helpful content. And, having a plan for your Twitter use helps you focus your messages – and prepare in advance – so you can engage the right people with the right content at the right time. Plus, planning gives you control and helps avoid embarrassing errors like typos and misinformation. People will hesitate to share content with errors (remember they want to look good).

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