Your Website Content Exposes Your Business

August 16, 2011 |   2 minute read


Your Website Content Exposes Your Business

There's a reason some companies are – or aren't – leaders in their industry.

I was recently researching Merchant Services in Canada. The majority of the holders I came across had poor customer service. I wanted to find out some basic information in my own time, but I couldn't get the answers I wanted from the Merchant Services Company websites.

Then I found a company whose website content reveals their business values. And because they are a company who believes in making a product which is simple and easy to use for business owners, they created a website that's simple and easy to navigate.

  • The Quickbooks website is interactive, easy to read, and lets me easily flip back and forth between questions I might have.
  • All of the copy is directed towards what I am looking for. I know exactly what their values are, and because I have all of the information I need to learn about the company, I can judge for myself whether their product matches what I want.
  • For once, I didn't have to call (and wait on hold to talk to someone!) just to answer a few basic 'show-stopper' questions.

So how can you improve your company website?

  1. Make it easy to see how you think on your website. Do this in your website content, and use your business blog to answer questions they might have.
  2. Respect your prospects' time. Only make a prospect call if you need to determine something about them before you answer their questions.
  3. Don't hide parts of your business to your prospects. Be clear about what you stand for in your website content. Articulate exactly how good you are and empower your prospects to choose you. But don't forget WIIFM (what's in it for your customers)!

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