What is Content Marketing Anyway?

May 06, 2012 |   2 minute read

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What is Content Marketing Anyway?

"Content marketing" is a type of advertising in which business owners create digital content (like blogs, FAQ pages, and other website content) to engage with and gain trust from potential customers and leads. 

Why Every Small to Medium Company Needs Content Marketing

Everyone is buying stuff online — even if we aren't actually using e-commerce, we are researching products and brand names like crazy. This means that the most information wins:

  • Whoever communicates "the best" is more likely to persuade us because we are analytical, trained shoppers. We have objections and your content marketing is your opportunity to make us feel better.
  •  Whoever communicates "the most" is more likely to be stumbled upon more times. The more you connect with your audience (in meaningful ways) the easier it is for prospects to trust you — even if they are learning to trust you from a website. And you already know, there is no sale without trust.
  • Whoever communicates by following SEO principles will be found more readily and quickly by hungry prospects. Internet readers are impatient. Being found quickly is essential to the sales process — not to "rush" the sale, but to build rapport and to become known to buyers. 
  • When two companies are parallel in ability, offering, and leadership, the thinking behind the company becomes essential to help readers make an educated purchasing decision. Well-planned content marketing can communicate the intelligence and effectiveness of your company.
  • Communicate to become a trusted advisor. Journalists are searching online too: when they see your publications they may pick you up in their "content feed" or think to interview you for comment on industry issues. 
Your business blog can be a source of content marketing, but don't limit yourself to a blog!

3 Principles of Content Marketing

1. Publish great content to build trust and establish credibility.
2. Publish frequent content to communicate with authenticity and to stay 'in the game.'
3. Publish SEO-friendly content so people can find you more easily, more quickly, and more often.

Learn more about content marketing strategy here, or check out our Future of SEO e-book for more content marketing techniques. 

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