What Are the Benefits of Cross Promotion to Sales Growth?

April 13, 2021 |   4 minute read

What Are the Benefits of Cross Promotion to Sales Growth?

As the leader of your sales team, the marketing department can seem like another country. But here’s the only thing you really need to know about marketing: without it your sales pipeline will dry up in as little as 90 days. 

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When you’re looking for quick solutions to fill your pipeline, marketing is your best ally and here’s the good news: there are easy strategies you can adopt with your marketing team to keep your pipeline full. If you haven’t yet discovered it, cross promotion is a strategy meant to expand the marketing reach of your offers and services. 

It’s a quick and easy “low hanging fruit” strategy that, when done right, will save your business marketing dollars and increase sales growth. Plus, supporting complimentary, non-competitor businesses is the right thing to do. Read on to discover more benefits of cross promotion. 

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4 Business Benefits of Cross Promotion 

  1. Cost: Cross promotion decreases the overall cost of your marketing strategies. Instead of spending money on advertising, your promotion partner advertises your business and offers for you - and you return the favour. 
  2. Ease: Cross promotion is one of the easiest and most organic forms of marketing. Think of it like co-hosting a party with a friend: you very easily meet more people because you get access to their friend networks and they get access to yours. 
  3. Expertise: You build brand expertise and credibility when a member of your industry or the business community promotes your business. Your partner’s audience is going to trust the businesses that they promote to them. You can also improve your SEO ranking whenever a partner posts (and gives you a backlink to your website) about your company on their website or social media. 
  4. Expansion: Cross promotion allows you to expand your company’s reach and audience. 
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3 Quick Cross Promotion Strategies to Adopt Right Now

  1. Social media: an easy, straightforward way to tap into another brand’s audience and generate leads. All you have to do is tap another non-competitor, complimentary company and shout out to each other on social media (remembering to tag relevant accounts and use hashtags, of course).
  2. Podcast: be a podcast guest and/or invite a complimentary company onto yours. Here is an opportunity for you to use your brand expertise to sell your products and services to a new and warm audience. In the US alone, 104 million people listen to podcasts. Getting featured on a podcast with even a modest following is a great way to drive brand awareness. Podcasts are especially useful for showcasing your expertise and brand culture and voice. They are a platform that creates a more intimate relationship with the audience. The Company Growth podcast consistently features past and current clients and subject matter experts and creates a promotional plan that includes the guests participation. You can apply to be on the show here
  3. Blogging: blogging might be the original cross promotional strategy but it’s on this list because it’s still that good. You don’t need to spend your time negotiating with popular influencers because a good SEO blog, shared to social media and your email list, is a classic strategy for a reason. It is about working smarter, not harder. A cross-promotional blog post does just that: it’s inexpensive and easy, and it allows you to showcase your expertise to a new but captivated audience. On the Tangible Words Company Growth Podcast, we put all three of these strategies together: podcast, social and blog. You can apply here to become a guest and create this free marketing funnel for your company.

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