What Do I Need To Know About Website Development?

March 07, 2018 |   2 minute read

What Do I Need To Know About Website Development?

Q: Is it better to start from scratch or rebuild an already existing website?

A: Often times the thing people dislike about their website most is the content, not the design. Unfortunately, they mistakenly assume its the developers’ fault and get a new website - only to inherit the same problems. This problem is so widespread and so malignant, we changed our tagline company to address it. “Content First, Then Design” is all about starting with the content to determine if you also need a new website or whether your existing website design can be better used.

Even if you have an already existing website that you’d like to improve we’ll take it apart piece by piece and examine it for its user experience and the unique sales propositions that sets you apart from your competitors and other online distractions. Your website might end up looking and sounding entirely different than it did before without a new design.

Q: You say content before design, but I have a very specific design need/want in mind. How can this be accommodated?

A: Good content can fit into any design you have in mind. When we’re building websites for clients we would always work with their design goals. For example, although we design and build websites with our in-house website development team, but we also work really well with your existing design and development team because we all speak the same language; it’s one less hassle or element you have to manage.

Website developers also value our website copywriting contributions; they appreciate that content is what could stall their website projects and make their client unhappy with their work. Even better, we know how to speak “geek” - so we can communicate with your web team on your behalf, removing the need for you to have to get involved on technical problems you really just wish someone else would handle. Because we know the content, your strategy and your goals, we’re perfectly capable of directing your existing technical team.

By taking care of writing all of your SEO content for your website, we make everyone’s problems go away, and we also make sure your website makes your organization visibly best-in-class online.

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