What Does Tangible Mean? A Celebration of All Things Tangible

January 11, 2022 |   3 minute read

What Does Tangible Mean? A Celebration of All Things Tangible

The word tangible is a great word, and it’s a part of our company name, so we thought we’d talk about its journey through the English language and why we chose it. So get ready to put on your word nerd hat for a moment and let’s discuss all things tangible. We’ll show you why our chosen word describes the value that we give to our customers. 


What Does Tangible Mean Exactly?

Tangible: 1. Easily seen or recognized. 2. Able to be touched or felt. 


This Word Is Over 400 Years Old - But Tangible Words Is Contemporary

Before the late 16th century, the world was a lot more intangible because the English language didn’t have a word for tangibility yet. But in 1584, in William Shakespeare’s day, a few word chemists combined a bit of French with the Latin word tangibilis and its root tangere, which means “to touch.” Suddenly, the world became a bit more tangible, and English speakers and writers have been using tangible to discuss concrete ideas ever since. 

Here at Tangible Words, we're able to discuss the abstract and turn it into something tangible: revenue. We work with a lot of B2B businesses who struggle to discuss with the layperson why they’re valuable. But we help them refine the message that communicates the value in what they offer so their products and services reach more people. 

Our external perspective is valuable to every company at some point - especially at the points of growth when that company is trying to make a big internal change and needs support.


Inspiring New Heights of Company Growth: Making Growth More Tangible

Besides being the perfect word to describe everything that you can touch and feel viscerally, tangible - or tangibility - is part of the inspiration for our company name Tangible Words! We have the ability to hear intangible concepts that others struggle to understand and make them more palpable. We wanted to use that ability to serve in-house teams and their customers. 

So we take words and turn them into revenue. We want you to feel and see the results of our work helping your company grow. 

The word tangible has had a long journey from Elizabethan England to get to us at Tangible Words. Growth is intangible, until you have a team to help you get there and make the growth real and palpable with tangible outcomes. It’s a pretty great word. 


Company Growth Is Something Very Tangible. Find Out How We Can Help

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