Get Advice from Top Business Insiders on the Company Growth Podcast

September 15, 2021 |   4 minute read

Get Advice from Top Business Insiders on the Company Growth Podcast

Everyone can use solid mentorship and good advice to guide their career, and business leaders are no exception. But turning that mentorship and advice into concrete action to grow your company is a trickier matter.

How to Learn from the Example of Business Insiders You Admire

You likely have plenty of favourite business insiders you follow on social media, or you've read their books or articles, you've gone to their talks, maybe met them in person. But everyone follows people they admire. If you want to go from advice to action, you need to do more than digest content. You need to translate what you learn into what you achieve.

Nigel Green, the guest on Season 2, Episode 11 of the Company Growth Podcast suggests that:

"It’s not really about the plan. The value is in planning."

In effect, following a thought leader is a good place to start, but it's in transforming their advice into action that your business will gain true value from what you learn.


How to Turn Business Advice Into Action

1. Recognize that all advice comes from a subjective, personal point-of-view, and you may have to "translate" it to apply to your career.

Like the CEO of Parkbench suggested in an earlier episode of the Company Growth Podcast, you may find inspiration from people you admire outside of your industry (in his case it was Matthew McConaughey). Try not to dismiss these sources of inspiration and advice just because they don't operate in the same sphere as you. Learn to translate their advice into the equivalent meaning for your career. 


2. Keep notes about your favourite moments with inspirational leaders.

Is there a favourite Steve Jobs interview you have? Think back to some of your favourite quotes or business advice you received in the past and reflect on whether you have truly acted on that advice. Write out the connection between your business ideals and what you have concretely put into action. If there's a discrepancy between the two, you know what needs to change.

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Is the Playing Field Not Set for You? Change the Game

If you're seeking answers and trying to turn business advice into business action, consider whether, like our guest Nigel Green, you're not at home in your current position. There's nothing wrong with admitting that you want to change gears! That's what Nigel did when he realized he didn't want to work in the same way as the rest of corporate America. You can forge your own path, just like Nigel. To find out how he did that, listen to the latest episode of the Company Growth Podcast.


In the Nigel Green Episode of the Company Growth Podcast, Learn:

  • Why the best subject to teach is the job you used to have, and the best student is the person who works that job now,
  • Why your goal for becoming a business owner should not be autonomy, 
  • How to have an entrepreneurial spirit even when you're an employee, and
  • Much more!

Check out the Company Growth Podcast: “Growing Outside Corporate America as a Company of One” streaming now on your favourite podcast platform!

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