Learn More About Co-Founder Vicky Marrack of Tangible Words

January 09, 2015 |   1 minute read


Learn More About Co-Founder Vicky Marrack of Tangible Words

How to Learn About Potential Clients Online

Often when we are about to work with someone or if I am purchasing something online, I will take a look at their website, specifically to the 'About' page to get a better sense of who they are. Hopefully within the About page, they link back to their LinkedIn profile to give me more details about their professional background and perhaps a tid-bit of personal information that I can relate to. Since it's an online interaction, rather than a face-to-face chit chat, these little pieces of information online make people feel more comfortable about purchasing a product, or service.
Queen's Faculty of Education has hand picked Alumni to features their stories after graduation. We were fortunate to receive a call and was asked if Co-Founder, Vicky Marrack, would like to participate.
So if you would like to learn more about one of the members of the Tangible Words Team, take a look at Vicky Marrack's Queen's University Alumni Spotlight.

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