Who Has Time? Objections To Using Twitter at Conferences

August 08, 2016 |   1 minute read

Social Media Marketing

4 Objections To Using Twitter at Conferences.

  1. Who has time for Twitter?  Put Twitter on your mobile phone and set up your Twitter strategy with this free e-book (email Tangible Words) and I guarantee you can do this with 5 minutes a day, 3-4 times a week and the value to your life will far exceed the invested 5 minutes of time. Think of it as texting a new friend: you’d find time for that.
  2. Council or my CAO wouldn’t approve: put in your bio that this is your personal account. Twitter is amazing for promoting your community - and if you’re leery about doing so, book a (Free!) quick chat  with Alysha so you can talk more about how it could work for your economic development strategy.

    Even if you can’t use Twitter to promote your community: use Twitter to grow as a professional and grow your economic development network on Twitter independent of your employer.

  3. What the heck would I say? The great thing about Twitter is that you can get amazing value simply by listening. In fact, it’s what you should only do for you first 2-3 times on Twitter!
  4. How the heck do I get started? No sweat. Come to #OEMC2016 you can get a step by step intro from Alysha in the Ambassador Ballroom (Kingston, Ontario). In the meantime, have a glance at “How to access Twitter” and “How to personalize Twitter.”

Let's get past the objections of using twitter and get ready for #OEMC2016: Download the Twitter App for your Smartphone and get the OEMC 2016 App too or contact Tangible Words for help!

Discover How Other Economic Developers Are Using Twitter & Decide If Twitter Is Right For You. 

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