Who Has Time? Objections To Using Twitter at Conferences

August 08, 2016 |   3 minute read

Who Has Time? Objections To Using Twitter at Conferences

4 Objections To Using Twitter at Conferences.

  1. If you have five spare minutes in your day, you have time for Twitter. All you have to do is get the app and then set up your Twitter strategy with this free e-book (email Tangible Words). I guarantee you can do this with 5 minutes a day, 3-4 times a week and the value to your life will far exceed the invested 5 minutes of time. Think of it as texting a new friend: you’d find time for that.
  2. Council or my CAO wouldn’t approve: put in your bio that this is your personal account. Twitter is amazing for promoting your community - and if you’re leery about doing so, book a (Free!) quick chat  with Alysha so you can talk more about how it could work for your economic development strategy.

    Even if you can’t use Twitter to promote your community: use Twitter to grow as a professional and grow your economic development network on Twitter independent of your employer.

  3. What the heck would I say? The great thing about Twitter is that you can get amazing value simply by listening. In fact, it’s what you should only do for you first 2-3 times on Twitter!
  4. How the heck do I get started? No sweat. Come to #OEMC2016 you can get a step by step intro from Alysha in the Ambassador Ballroom (Kingston, Ontario). In the meantime, have a glance at “How to access Twitter” and “How to personalize Twitter.”

Let's get past the objections of using twitter and get ready for #OEMC2016: Download the Twitter App for your Smartphone and get the OEMC 2016 App too or contact Tangible Words for help!

Discover How Other Economic Developers Are Using Twitter & Decide If Twitter Is Right For You. 

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