Why You Need A Social Media Content Policy and Strategy

January 07, 2016 |   2 minute read

Why You Need A Social Media Content Policy and Strategy

You can make your communication staff’s life easier and more productive by planning your social media marketing (SMM) process and implementation. There’s two elements to improving your SMM: content strategy and content policy.

A social media marketing content strategy helps you build your content inventory based on your long term goals, and makes sure these three content elements are represented:

  1. What’s In It For Me (WIIFM) helps potential clients know right away how you can give them what they want.
  2. Search Engine Optimization is key to keeping on top of Google standards to get found before your competition.
  3. Authentic content that shows your expertise and makes consumers want to work with you based on the quality of your website messaging.

Once you have you content strategy in place, your policy sets the rules for your content expectations.

Your Social Media Content Policy is Your Content Playbook

The road to creating your Social Media Content Policy starts by getting everyone on board before you delve into writing your content. Do this and you won’t be slowed down by disagreement during the creative process. And, staff will have rules to follow to keep them in line and accountable for creating the content that best serves your business purposes.

Your social media content policy is your contingency plan, so you’re prepared for busy times when creating content slides down the priority list. You can create your content inventory based on predefined goals like:

  • What you’re going to talk about.
  • How frequently you’ll post.
  • How much you want to say.

Plus, you’ll get everyone one board with the same message should you have to respond to difficult subjects or comments from users. You might have to share content that could be a Public Relations nightmare. If you’re ready to respond positively you can use negative publicity to your advantage.

Find out more about making the most of your social media marketing to build your business online. Always remember that social media marketing is worth the effort because it can improve sales for your sales team.

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