Writing Conferences Near Me? Try Searching for a Virtual Conference

May 25, 2021 |   4 minute read

Writing Conferences Near Me? Try Searching for a Virtual Conference

You’re late for a meeting, stuck on public transit in the middle of New York City, and the lady standing between you and where you need to go just won’t move

Even though you’re running over your presentation in your head for the fiftieth time and wondering just how fast you can run without becoming completely drenched in sweat, you manage to contain your boiling rage and politely ask the woman to move, and she responds calmly, “In New York City, we wait for the doors to open before departing the bus.” And before you know it, you both burst out laughing, and the woman who, until a few seconds ago, had been the bane of your existence invites you to a party.

You probably wouldn’t believe that this interaction would lead to a successful business relationship. But this is the start of the story of how the founders of The Manuscript Academy met. 

This is the kind of story you’ll hear when you stream the Company Growth Podcast. It’s a reminder that sometimes you’ll find success, or a new project or the opportunity that takes your business to the next level, while having an argument with a complete stranger on a crowded bus in New York. 

These are the real stories of how business growth happens, the stories that successful people aren’t supposed to talk about: the unconventional, difficult, or even frightening moments when you’re not sure whether your company is going to sink or swim. The Company Growth Podcast tells those stories and how successful people overcame those challenges and built amazing businesses against all odds.  

Where Are Writing Conferences Near Me? Find Online Writing Help

Writing, whether it’s creative writing, technical writing, copywriting, (like we do at Tangible Words) or any other form is usually a pretty solitary activity. That’s why a lot of writers like to find community in conferences, but that hasn’t been an option ever since the pandemic started. 

The latest guest on The Company Growth Podcast is Julie Kingsley, co-founder of The Manuscript Academy, and if you’re interested in how the publishing world has transformed during COVID, or need inspiration for your own business growth strategy, listen to The Manuscript Academy’s episode of The Company Growth Podcast.  

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In the Manuscript Academy Ep. of The Company Growth Podcast, Learn:

  • How a struggling company transformed into a prosperous new publishing idea, 
  • How you can build a following online without having a tech or marketing background, 
  • How to be quick and nimble with a small team to grow a company, 
  • How the question “Where are writing conferences near me?” can completely transform with the right digital platform, and
  • Much more!

Check out the Company Growth Podcast: “The Writer’s Support Platform That’s Bringing the Publishing World Online” streaming now on your favourite podcast platform!

To browse more episodes by topic, visit the Company Growth Podcast webpage.


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