How to Manage Content Marketing

May 14, 2012 |   2 minute read

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How to Manage Content Marketing

You need to know your target audience when embarking on an online content marketing strategy. Your writing for your target audience (and personas) needs to reflect their interests and easily show them who you are and how you'll solve their problems.

Understand Content Marketing Phrases 

Content marketers use these terms to tell you how they'll help you build your business through inbound marketing.  Here's what these phrases mean to you and your business:

  1. Content Strategy and set KPIs. For businesses, key performance indicators, or KPIs, are a way to determine if goals are reached. Successful content marketing helps this happen.
  2. Content research and collation: identifying a business's key selling features and benefits and formulating a content writing plan based on industry keywords and your unique opportunities.
  3. Determine and find audiences and sources for dissemination: This means looking at your ideal customer and finding out where they get their information. (So then you can create the content and share it where it will be seen by the audience you want.)
  4. Content creation, client feedback, adjustments and scheduling: This formula ensures the content is approved by a business and sent out promptly. Clients know their audience best,  so the content must reflect that knowledge and be written for success online.
  5. Disseminate information to various sources and audiences and track KPIs. This means scheduling your online content releases. You want to publish your blogs, send emails, and post on social media in a way that leads buyers along their decision-making journey. Software like HubSpot lets you create content, share it and track it all from one platform.

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Do You Have Some Marketing Content Ideas? Use Them to Create Campaigns

Here's a Checklist to follow to help you create a successful campaign.

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