Email Marketing: Return on Energy

July 11, 2013 |   1 minute read

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It’s great to have an article that is rewarding to read for the audience. However, if your e-newsletter is “self contained” in it’s message, you will find it hard to start tracking your Return on Energy.

In order to decide how effective your email marketing is, you need your target audience’s to click on your links so you can see if they are opening your email and enjoying the read.

Interlinking Is An Important Copywriting Technique.

Make your online marketing campaign sticky. Having a link to your blog or a “click for more information” (although you should use your keywords here) link helps you see how your audience is reading your work. This allows you to effectively plan your content strategy for future e-newsletters and other email marketing campaigns.

If people are reading your articles, clicking your links, and even better, contacting you to discuss your products or service, then you know that your email marketing campaign was worthwhile.

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