Four Easy Ways To Create Top-Notch Sales Rep Training

May 04, 2021 |   5 minute read

Four Easy Ways To Create Top-Notch Sales Rep Training

Sales leaders want top-notch sales teams. Good sales teams not only improve the bottom line, but they also reflect on the competence of their leader. 

Sometimes good sales teams aren’t the well-oiled machine sales managers think they’ve aligned. And it’s not because they lack the skills, it can be attributed to sales processes that aren’t contributing to success. No amount of sales savvy can make up for ineffective internal communication, lack luster contact management and undefined sales processes.  That’s why having the right tools to mitigate the issues that are throttling your best producers and new hires is crucial to the success of your whole team. Enter sales rep training that makes sense for your team.

Not every employee will stick it out until something clicks. If you’re having difficulty retaining staff, whether they’ve quit or you’ve had to let them go because you’re both frustrated with performance, it’s worth it to start examining how you’re supporting your team. Workers thrive when they’re given tools that promote their skills and make it easier for them to do the tasks they’re less interested in or capable of. Administrative tasks are one example of what can fall by the wayside. Unfortunately, it’s the good organization and management of your sales administrative tasks that lead to better prospect nurturing and long-term client relations. Of course, administrative tasks aren't the only tool your team might need to meet your expectations and their targets. There’s a whole host of training advantages you can implement easily.  Every salesperson has skills that you can benefit from and quirks that you can manage if you're prepared. First, you’ve got to identify what your team needs specifically. 

Proper Sales Rep Training Boosts Sales & Ease Everyone’s Workload


When your sales team is properly trained, you as the Sales Manager have more time to do what you do best. Whether that’s networking, streamlining processes, or attracting more leads. Training reliable staff means your time can be spent on your job, not putting out fires or playing catch up for your sales team. 

The benefits of a well-trained (and supported) sales team can be measured in profit, but also better morale and enviable company reputation. Here’s where you can start with sales rep training that shows results: 

1. Increase Sales Rep Efficiency

An underperforming sales team can cause frustration and even panic when you’re consistently worried that your revenue goals and target quotas aren’t being met. A good sales team trainer will learn your team’s skills and gaps to guide them to perform better. Customized training, along with the right support tools, can help overcome your team’s specific challenges. 

An example of how this works is through the ability to train and track sales reps’ activity and productivity as they complete the sales process. How your reps perform at each step of the process is a clear indicator of gaps. Plus, it’s an effective way to communicate where the problems are and lets you make changes quickly to see enhanced performance almost immediately 

2. Streamline Work to Help Your Team Focus

The sales process is more than attracting the leads and closing the deals. Even before the lead comes in and after the sale is final, your sales team can be working to attract and retain customers. This means a lot of administrative work, leaving less time for selling. However, creating a workflow that starts with targeting the types of clients that are more likely to buy your product means your team is not wasting effort on leads that’ll go nowhere. To do this, sales and marketing can work together to create the right content to attract the right consumer. Then, using online tools to follow the process to see what works and what doesn't. Changes can be made as “what’s working” is revealed through your engagement and close rates. Once you identify a sales process that'll work for your unique team and business you can implement sales automation tools to keep your team on track. You’ll exert less effort to reach more prospects quickly and increase sales. 

3. Provide a Consistent Sales Process Framework

A sales process works best when it’s aligned well with your targets and easy for your sales team to follow and see successes along with what you need to work on. Sales staff are generally already good at sales, that’s why they were hired. Making it easier for them to complete the entire sales process from lead generation to performance reporting is empowering for you as a sales manager and your team. Using automated sales tools to enhance your sales process gives your team easy access to the right reports with the right information, without spending countless hours accumulating the data and making it presentable. This also makes it easier for your sales team to share their experiences to help solve any issues limiting sales and working harder on the tactics that are working.

4. Use Tracking Tools to Measure Success

sales rep training imageThe ability to measure success. means you can see where your staff training and support has been effective.  Using business tools such as HubSpot provides you with all the information you need to analyze and improve your sales process. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools help organize your sales team’s tasks like marketing efforts, email activity, customer engagement providing an easy way to stay on track and promoting transparency for each team member’s contributions. In addition to managing existing clients, tools such as lead scoring help you determine the quality of the leads generated through marketing. Being able to analyze your sales weaknesses and strengths can help you efficiently plan for the future. Tools that promote Sales Enablement help ease the integration of processes, content, and technology to help your team convert more leads to sales.

An inbound marketing agency can provide you with the guidance to choose the tools that best serve your needs plus the instruction on how to use them to help your team perform better, consistently. 

Get started by partnering up with a Tangible Word specialist. so you can train your sales reps and drive more revenue to your business.


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