Learn How to Reach the Finish Line From a Security Business Insider

March 23, 2021 |   2 minute read

Learn How to Reach the Finish Line From a Security Business Insider

The pandemic strikes in the early months of 2020 and the world is tipped upside down. Once, a huge warehouse full of state-of-the-art machinery was buzzing with employees 24-hours a day. Now it sits empty, and all that’s standing between that valuable equipment and any would-be thieves is a warehouse wall. But this scenario isn’t just playing out in one warehouse, it’s happening everywhere.

Now, imagine you run a security company at the start of the pandemic. Not only are you trying to figure out how to run your own company from home, but you’re starting to get a lot of calls. In fact, you’re getting a tidal wave of calls. It’s good that you’re getting the business, but your employees are quickly going to be overwhelmed by the larger workload while moving to work from home. What do you do? 

This scenario is exactly the one our security business insider, Kristin Crowe of Alarm Systems, found herself in at the beginning of the pandemic. Everyone was looking to her for leadership, the stakes were high and the world was on fire. 

Learn How a Security Business Insider Kept Her Cool Under Pressure 

And How to Refuse to Be Defined by a Lack of Traditional Training 

If you were to compare running your business to a sport, which one would it be? On the podcast, we’ve heard management compared to running a hockey team: you have to manage the players, see their individual strengths and weaknesses and see the best way to get players to work together. Kristin Crowe would probably compare her company growth experience to a marathon, because she’s a runner. Listen to the episode to learn why running a marathon has so many parallels to running a company.  

Executive Checklist - Ideas You Can Use in Your Life From This Episode

  1. Consider taking up running as a hobby. A marathon is like running a business, and you have plenty of time to strategize (or listen to the Company Growth Podcast, as a random example) on those long runs. 
  2. Try to imagine a scenario that would overwhelm your company with demand and plan for it. Would you be able to keep all your clients and keep them happy?

Stream the Alarm Systems Ep. of the Company Growth Podcast to Learn:

  • How to accept change and face huge odds,
  • What it was like to run a security company at the beginning of the pandemic,
  • How to overcome your insecurities as a leader,
  • The aspirational story of a successful female business leader, and
  • Much more!

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