Looking for a Business Podcast in Canada? Start With These Two

April 08, 2021 |   3 minute read

Looking for a Business Podcast in Canada? Start With These Two

For Canadian business leaders, or international executives looking to grow their Canadian market, who need a business podcast in Canada to get inspirational stories of entrepreneurial success, check out these two podcasts: 

1. Vaughan Rising Tells Stories of the Growing Success of a Canadian City

Hosted by Michelle Samson, an economic development officer based in the city of Vaughan, Ontario, the Vaughan Rising Podcast is a love letter to the city of Vaughan. 

In the past, some felt Vaughan was overlooked because of how close it is to its bigger, more famous cousin, Toronto. But Vaughan has been rising ever since the nineties, and this podcast takes an insider look at the role of economic development in helping that rise. 

For any executive who is looking for a business insider perspective into the role of Canadian economic development and how it supports a city’s growth, this podcast is a must-listen.  

Check out the Vaughan Rising Podcast

2. The Company Growth Podcast Interviews Canadian Business Insiders 


The Company Growth Podcast is a business podcast in Canada that provides their listeners with stories of company growing pains - the stories that every entrepreneur has but doesn’t always feel they can talk about. 

Most CEOs and business leaders are expected to always know what to do, to always know the best path forward. They face extreme pressure. 

The Company Growth Podcast creates a conversational space for entrepreneurs to share their personal stories of overcoming company growing pains to reach success. 

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Hear the Latest Episode of The Company Growth Podcast 

What Economic Development Is and Why It's Helping Vaughan, Ontario,” the latest episode of The Company Growth Podcast, is now available to stream on your podcast platform of choice. In this episode of the podcast, Michelle Samson of the Vaughan Rising Podcast is the guest! 

Listen to this meeting between both our recommended Canadian business podcasts to learn what economic development is, where the field originated, and why it is good for you to develop a partnership with your local economic development officer sooner rather than later. 

Stream the Vaughan Rising Ep. of The Company Growth Podcast to Learn:

  • What economic development is, from an expert in the field,
  • How to react to crisis without panicking,
  • How Vaughan is innovating and taking economic development to new heights, and
  • Much more!

Check out the Company Growth Podcast: “What Economic Development Is and Why It's Helping Vaughan, Ontario” streaming now on your favourite podcast platform!

To browse more episodes by topic, visit the Company Growth Podcast webpage.


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