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March 04, 2010 |   2 minute read

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When you want to improve your 20 second company infomercial (commonly called your 'elevator pitch'), one of the tips is to have a variety of leading sentences. Put simply, this means that you don't start your infomercial the same way every time.
Have you ever wondered why you have a hard time remembering somebody's name? In Attract More Customers in 20 Seconds I suggested that listening to people start their with "Hi, I'm..." is dull to any audience. We stop listening when we hear the same thing over and over which means your infomercial will lose it's impact.

Business networkers: don't say the same thing the same way every time

Even fellow networkers (who support your business) will only listen to what is interesting to them. You have to be able to stop every potential customer in their tracks and explain how your business gives them what they want. Most people hire copywriters for this, but if like me you're a fan of DIY, here are 3 ways you can make sure that in a room of business networkers, your infomercial still has an impact.

3 ways to start your company infomercial (or 'elevator pitch')

To better illustrate my point, I'll give you an example with a person selling happiness. (Imagine a life coach, a physiotherapist, a naturopath--anyone in the health and wellbeing professions are selling happiness; they make people feel better).

  1. Start your business infomercial with a question. For example: Do you want to feel happier tomorrow?
  2. Relate to your audience in your first sentence. Eg. If, like me, you hope you'll feel happier tomorrow...
  3. Change where your product appears in your sentence. Eg. Happiness is something we all want.

A slight change to the way your business infomerical begins can have a profound impact. Audiences will want to listen because they think, "Ah, here's something NEW! I need to know about this!"
Note that none of the three introductions start with "Hi, I'm...". And, every company representative will have something unique to say. Plus, you won't fall into the trap of sounding exactly like the person who spoke before you, dimming audience attention.

This is just another way to ensure your business networking is efficient and productive.

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