Is HubSpot Secure Enough to Protect Your Data?

July 16, 2020 |   4 minute read


Is HubSpot Secure Enough to Protect Your Data?

HubSpot is the world’s leading marketing and sales platform.  HubSpot helps your business thrive by turning your visitors into leads.

You can use HubSpot lead scoring tools to assess the quality of your leads based on your sales team's unique criteria for your business.

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As more companies work remotely with sensitive information at risk, they need software they can rely on. So, is HubSpot secure enough to protect your data? Yes, HubSpot secures data through several rigorous processes - they take their security issues seriously to ensure your information is safe with them. 

5 Answers to the Question: Is HubSpot Secure With Your Data? 

HubSpot is trustworthy in protecting your data and here’s how: 

1. Reliable and Accessible Anywhere

HubSpot secures your information by backing up data on a consistent and recurring basis. The software is available to use anywhere, and it has a built-in failover system. If one system malfunctions, the software switches over to another. HubSpot protects computer systems from failure and has a status site that keeps you updated on system performance. If something is not working as expected, a note is posted to inform you. HubSpot also contains a system redundancy program, duplicating critical data and increasing the reliability of the system. 

2. Applications Protection

Information is less secure when it is transferred elsewhere, so effective measures are used to protect data. Multiple applications such as the in-transit encryption protect your data while it travels from one network to another. The sessions between you and your portal will then always be protected. Transport Layer Security (TLS, formerly Secure Sockets Layer: SSL) enabled on the site will keep your internet connection secure, and safeguard any sensitive information being sent between two systems. This prevents criminals or hackers from reading and modifying your personal information.

3. Data Centre Security

There's no need to worry about sensitive information being exposed as HubSpot works with the world’s leading data center's. These center's have physical security in place to protect your data. Access to these data center's is controlled and monitored by security staff with strict access control and video surveillance. 

4. Quick Response to Security Issues

Quick Response to Security IssuesA major benefit of HubSpot is how quickly it can identify and respond to any security issues or threats as they arise. Their infrastructure can detect and prevent attacks using multiple technologies and processes such as firewalling, routing, and behaviour analytics to protect the structure. HubSpot even has an incident response program that is highly responsive. The program investigates data sources with follow-ups to refine their activities and ensure effectiveness. 

5. Rigorous Audits, Assessments & Testing 

To discover and correct security bugs, HubSpot implements a quick and repeatable process. HubSpot’s infrastructure runs dynamic application and vulnerability scans all day, every day. They bring in third-party testing firms 4 times a year to test their products and infrastructure. As customers, you can even participate in security testing products via the bounty program, which rewards those who help spot potential flaws. External audits and assessment results are available to review, as is HubSpot’s security and risk management overview

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Tangible Words, one of Canada’s top inbound marketing agencies, partners with HubSpot for their reliable services. HubSpot’s growth-driven platform can help your business attract the right customers! Their primary security focus is to safeguard customers’ data with strict security controls. Learn more about HubSpot here.

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