Rewrite your BNI Infomercial/Sales Manager Minute or “elevator pitch”

April 06, 2010 |   2 minute read

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I know I said in Failing Technology Doesn't Have to Ruin Your Business Presentation I would post next on a Technology Fail Safe Plan, but I've been asked so often about "Planning your BNI Infomercial (or "Sales Manager Minute")" that this post seemed more immediate.

Try your hand at copywriting: the secret to re-writing your BNI Infomercial (or "Sales Manager Minute")

At the end of this activity, you’ll have a brand new BNI infomercial ("Sales Manager Minute") for your BNI sales team. But to make the most of rewriting your BNI infomercial, you should grab a piece of  scrap paper now.
INSTRUCTIONS: Divide your page into five areas. Then answer the following questions (one question for each section of the page).

  1. What product would you like to sell? (Write your answer in Area 1.)
  2. What problem does your product solve? (Write your answer in Area 2.)
  3. What profession could use this product?
  4. What special offer, or incentive, could you give to get someone to use your product now? (*This answer should be something you’re already doing; e.g. A café ‘s offer could be a free coffee to whomever brings in a new friend for lunch).
  5. Turn each area into a sentence ( you might want to combine area 1 with 3).

Your new BNI Infomercial (a.k.a. "Sales Manager Minute") will have the following:

You’ll have 3 sentences in this order for your infomercial:

Well, what did you come up with? Think it will sell your product?

Leave your draft BNI Infomercial as a comment and receive free feedback from a Tangible Words copywriter.

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